AVM delivers FritzOS 7.25 for Fritzbox 7580

AVM continues to adapt its router operating system FritzOS 7.25 for its product range. The current FritzOS 7.25 is now also released for the 7580 model. Previously, a maximum of FritzOS 7.21 was available for this model.

The range of functions largely corresponds to what AVM already mentioned on the occasion of the introduction of FritzOS 7.25 on the Fritzbox 7590. But there are a few points that stand out. For example, the update appears attractive because the 7580 model can now also set up WiFi channels up to 160 MHz in the 5 GHz band. This was previously reserved for the 7590 and 6590 models.

The WLAN security level can be increased by activating the Protected Management Frames (PMF). AVM guarantees that there will be no waiting times when using WLAN in the 5 GHz band if the Fritzbox sets up its WLAN on channels 52 to 64 or 100 to 140. She may use it as a second user, but has to evade if she detects signals from weather radars. AVM uses “Zero Wait DFS” technology for the smooth evasion, in which the router pulls its clients along to the newly selected WLAN channels.

Other interesting functions include an improved hotspot function for guests, the simplified prioritization of computers for Internet access, optimization of the fax function, better stability with encrypted DNS communication and numerous improvements to the user interface in the areas of the telephone book, call diversions and call barring. Has the complete list of changes, improvements, and bug fixes AVM published as usual on its website.

If set, the Fritzbox 7580 also gets the update automatically. Alternatively, you can initiate the update via the web interface in the menu “System / Update / Find new FritzOS”. The update took about two minutes on a test copy of the Fritzbox 7580.

The list of devices that should still receive FritzOS 7.25 is one entry shorter. But there are still a number of other devices, namely the Fritz boxes 7530 AX, 6591 Cable, 6660 Cable, 7560, 7490, 4040, 6890 LTE, 6850 LTE and 6820 LTE as well as the Fritz repeaters 3000, 2400, 1200 and 1750E.


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