Bad reviews: Adobe has miscalculated with Photoshop on the iPad

Adobe decided to bring the iPad version of Photoshop to market, although only a few features of the desktop counterparts have been implemented. During the presentation and afterwards, the company emphasized that more features will follow soon, but users' expectations did not match the product.

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Angry reviews on Youtube and slanderous comments on Twitter testify that the minimum viable product strategy was wrong. This is understood as a minimal version of a product. According to the definition, this should cover the customer requirements with minimal effort. The latter does not seem to be the case. Adobe had also made the mistake of announcing the iPad version as a real Photoshop. The reason: The desktop and tablet versions share a code base. For the user, however, the question arises about the functionality and here the tablet version has to fit easily.

Adobe product chief Scott Belsky writes resignedly on Twitter: "If you try to make everyone happy with version 1, you will either never deliver or make anyone happy."

In addition, the competition on the iPad has long since developed sophisticated graphics solutions. So has about Affinity Photo after one Report by The Verge has long reached a functionality that allows serious image editing on the tablet.

Adobe wants to unlock new features in short intervals. The iPad version can be used for a month free of charge, then a subscription is required, which includes the use of the desktop version and Adobe Lightroom. The subscription costs 11.89 euros per month. By 2020, the vector software Illustrator for the iPad will be released.