Bat Flying from England to Russia Dies in Cat Attack


It turned out that the bat found after the cat attack in Russia flew more than 2 thousand kilometers. Officials announced that this flight was the second longest trip to date.

Recently, in the Pskov region of Russia, by the cat attacked a bat was found. This bat is usually found in England Nathusius pipistrelle It turned out to be a female bat.

The authorities, who found the bat, tried to save this little friend with a rehabilitation team, but the bat was badly injured by the cat. could not be saved. On the wing of the attacked bat “London Zoo” stamp also attracted attention.

It has flown more than 2,000 kilometers.

Bat found by Svetlana Lapina in the village of Molgino in the Pskov region, the bat protection foundation in England Bat Conservation Trustreported to . Authorities say that this small bat weighing 8 grams, has been recorded so far. 2nd longest journey announced that he did. It was stated that the longest journey ever made by a bat was recorded by a bat of the same genus, which traveled from Latvia to Spain in 2019. If this bat 2,224 kilometers with a record.

Lisa Worledge, president of the bat conservation foundation, said, “”It’s a remarkable journey, and the longest from England to Europe we know about any bat. This bat is an olympic” said. Worledge further stated, “This journey is an exciting scientific breakthrough and another piece of the bat migration puzzle. Movements of the Nathusius pipistrelle genera within and between England and the continent remains largely a mystery.Nathusius points out how mysterious creatures pipistrelle bats are.

Long migration distances may be due to global warming

Brian Briggs, who stamped the bat’s wing and was tasked with registering bats in England, said:This is very exciting. It’s great to be able to contribute to the international conservation effort to protect these extraordinary animals and learn more about their fascinating lives.” said. Briggs also noted that the long migration distances of these bats are associated with climate change and global warming. is directly linked and future climate change more effect He also said it could be.


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Within the framework of research to better understand the breeding, migration and dispersal behavior of bats, since 2014 more than 2,600 Nathusius pipistrelle bat was recorded.