Battle Royale: Apex Legends is coming to the Nintendo Switch


EA launches the free Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends for two other platforms: Steam and Nintendo’s game console Switch. The company has this during the EA Play online event announced. EA also wants to unlock the title for Crossplay. This allows people to play together on all platforms – Steam, Origin, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Competitors like Fortnite have also implemented a similar functionality.

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From June 23 to July 7, Respawn Entertainment will also hold a limited event. The armed and dangerous game mode replaces all weapons with sniper rifles and shotguns. The typical Battle Royale, in which a team ultimately wins, remains the same. Apex Legends is introducing many cosmetic items to the event in order to remain lucrative as a free-to-play title.

However, an item will also be introduced with the Mobile Respawn Beacon. This can be called and used to revive fallen team members. However, other players see in the game where the transmitter ends up and can also use it.

The Game magazine Kotaku confirms that more games have been released for Valve’s gaming platform. The titles Titanfall 2, Dead Space 3, The Sims 4, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and A Way Out can be bought and played there. A week earlier, EA had unlocked titles like Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II for Steam.

Over time, the company will likely offer much of its Origin library on Steam too. This also includes the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, which has already tested.

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