Battlefield 6’s Name and Images Revealed

The name and in-game visuals of Battlefield 6, which will be introduced in the coming days, have emerged. Futuristic buildings and the new interface are clearly visible in the visuals.

Expected to be introduced on June 9 Battlefield 6’dan New in-game visuals have surfaced. Although the quality of the leaked images is not very good, it seems to meet the expectations of the players and the company’s statements. Besides the images, the possible name of the game was also leaked by the same source. Accordingly, the name of the game is “Battlefield 2042” it will be.

It is said that the shared images were taken during the testing phase of the game. One of the images confirms this rumor. “Pre-Alpha Footage” phrase is included. any not verified by official source “These images are real,” said Tom Henderson, known for his leaks about Battlefield.

In-game footage said to be from Battlefield 6:

Battlefield leaked name

This first image is thought to be from the game’s generic screen. The source, which leaked the images, claims that the game will most likely be called ‘Battlefield 2042’.

Battlefield leaked image

This image is said to be taken from the game’s multiplayer mode.

Battlefield leaked image

Likewise, it was said that this image was taken from the multiplayer mode.

Battlefield leaked image

This image was allegedly sent to Battlefield creators.

Battlefield leaked image

This image was said to be taken from an in-game test done today.

Battlefield leaked image


Battlefield 4 Is Free To Amazon Prime Subscribers

The new Battlefield game, which was said to be released only on computers and next-generation consoles in the past months Xbox One ve PlayStation 4 It was confirmed by EA in the past days that it will also be released on its platforms. Battlefield 6, unless there’s a last-minute change in plans, June 9 will be announced on.

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