Bayraktar Signs Agreement with Ukraine for SİHAs


Bayraktar TB2 armed unmanned aerial vehicles (SİHA), produced by Baykar, has been reported to have signed the final acceptance agreement with Ukraine. Baykar made a comment on Twitter.

Baykuris a company that produces unmanned aerial vehicle systems and works in the defense industry. For the time being, the vehicles called as armed unmanned aerial vehicles (SİHA) have been studied. Ukraine Baykar announced that the final sales agreement with Flagtar TB2, this unarmed unmanned aerial vehicle agreement was completed on Twitter, both Turkish and Ukrainian was shared.

The statement will be exported to Ukraine Contact Bayraktar directlyhave been successful in passing acceptance tests. The agreement was signed by Baykar and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Ukrspecexport officials during a meeting in Kiev. Final acceptance agreement for delivery has been completed.

What the deal includes:

Baykar Description

Baykar is preparing to deliver the second party SİHA with Ukraine. Following the conclusion of the final agreement, in order to meet the needs of the Ukrainian Air Force, 6 TB2 SİHA and 3 ground control station systems and equipment. In March, various tests, training and field tests were conducted. After these tests, the first party was sold.

In the second party deliveries, 3 armed unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as simulator, payload and camera systems and ground data terminals were delivered to the Ukrainian Air Force. Starokostiantyniv Air BaseAircraft components and performances were tested in acceptance tests in. The final agreement of the vehicles successfully passed the test was signed.


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Delivered vehicles Turkeycan be used by military personnel who have successfully completed the trainings. Baykar has succeeded in realizing the needs of a country which has a critical importance in aviation technologies such as Ukraine in less than a year, and succeeds in making a name for itself by signing a truly successful business. In addition, more agreements with Ukraine and more vehicles will be realized in the statement said.