BeIN SPORTS finally reached an agreement with TFF

Youth and Sports Minister Dr. According to the statement made by Mehmet Kasapoğlu, the crisis between TFF and beIN SPORTS has finally come to an end, and the two institutions have agreed.

Turkey Football Federation Super League’s broadcast rights to the crisis between the dissolved hands seems to have bee SPORTS. The two institutions finally reached an agreement, personally, Dr. It was announced by Mehmet Kasapoğlu.

In a statement he made on Twitter, “We came together with TFF President Nihat Özdemir and beIN Media Group CEO Yousef Al-Obaidly at our Ministry. With TFF beIN SPORTS I would like to share the information that an agreement has been reached between. I would like to thank both sides and wish Turkish football to be beneficial. “ Using his statements, Minister Kasapoğlu officially announced that an agreement was reached.

What happened in the TFF-beIN SPORTS crisis?

beinsport tff

bein Media Group, after last year’s reduction in the publication fee has requested this year, while the Turkey Football Federation he flatly denied the request. During the ongoing dispute, TFF sent a warning to beIN SPORTS.

TFF President Nihat Özdemir, who made a statement regarding the issue after the Clubs Association meeting in October, “500 million TL was given as a deduction of 25 percent advance. We want beIN Sports to strictly abide by its contract with TFF. We sent the necessary warning letter from the notary about this. ” he used the expressions.