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The home improvement marketplace ManoMano has positioned itself at record speed as Europe’s online specialist in the DIY sector. At ManoMano it is really easy for small and large sellers to sell their products digitally and thereby maximize their sales. Now the provider starts a cooperation with Berlin Brands Group.

Berlin Brands Group and ManoMano are leading the way

With the largest selection, very good prices and a unique consulting concept, ManoMano has been differentiating itself from other providers since 2013. The German market has been taken by storm since 2016. The ManoMano range includes over four million productssold by 2,500 handpicked dealers. ManoMano is active in six European countries and has over 3.5 million customers.

Berlin Brands Group (Chal-Tec GmbH) is an internationally successful vertical commerce company with headquarters in Berlin, warehouse in Kamp-Lintfort and branches in Bratislava and Hong Kong. Unlike other retail companies, the Berlin Brands Group (BBG) sees itself as a brand incubator and umbrella brand of the future that conceptualizes its own brands and then purely digitally, both via its own online platforms such as Electronic Star and brand shops, as well as via well-known international e-commerce Sells marketplaces. Berlin Brands Group was founded in 2006 and has 700 employees.

Penetrate the European market with ManoMano

The philosophy of ManoMano: Listen to the dealers and adapt digital sales technology to their needs so they can reach their full potential. This enables dealers to sell across Europe in a very short time and penetrate the European market. “We only grow when our partners grow,” says ManoMano founder Philippe de Chanville.

BBG has been working with ManoMano since May 2019. As a specialist in DIY and gardening, the French marketplace addresses precisely those customers who are relevant to BBG: “ManoMano is a specialist in both segments and knows exactly how to best support retailers. Via ManoMano we reach specialized customer groups and thus create a high level of credibility in the market. “, Says Stephan Thönnißen, CCO of BBG. Thönnißen believes that the smart marketplace solution is a sensible solution for benefiting from a large reach:” ManoMano is growing organically very strong compared to other platforms, so a partnership really makes sense for strategic reasons. ”

Personal exchange and support come first

ManoMano accompanies dealers on a daily basis through an exchange with their personal account manager and technical support, who passionately helps to ensure the quality of their service. ManoMano supports retailers in optimizing their product offerings and works together with them on new opportunities for launches or market gaps that they can fill in order to enable permanent growth. “Our dealers really appreciate that. Many partners would like to work with us in order to gain a counterweight to Amazon ”, says Christian Raisson, co-founder of ManoMano.

All of this contributes to the fact that Thönnißen describes the cooperation so far as extremely positive: “At ManoMano, personal exchange is absolutely paramount. The platform reacts extremely quickly to questions and problems, which can clearly be seen as a unique selling point. ”

Outlook: Berlin Brands Group and ManoMano – a partnership with great potential

ManoMano is currently in a phase of rapid growth. By 2024, a trading volume of 500 million euros is to be achieved in Germany alone and 25 percent of the total trading volume is to be realized with the German market. “Given its size, Germany will be our key market. In 2019 we achieved year-on-year growth of 121 percent and a trading volume of 43 million euros in Germany. Our dealers should know what an optimal collaboration in eCommerce can look like. For us, customer satisfaction and dealer satisfaction go hand in hand and come first ”, say Christian Raisson and Philippe de Chanville.

Berlin Brands GroupSource: ManoMano
Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson, founders of ManoMano

The rapid growth of ManoMano can also be seen in the sales figures of Berlin Berlin Brands Group: “The results with ManoMano are very impressive. When ManoMano grows, so do we. We believe there is great potential. Of course, we would like to further exploit this potential together with ManoMano. Joint development projects are planned in the future, ”describes Thönnißen.

Possible projects can be new product ranges and countries that are targeted, but also actually perfecting the joint marketing of the existing range. “This year we successfully opened up the UK market with ManoMano and are very positively surprised. If there are even more countries available at ManoMano in the future, we will definitely be there too! ”Said Thönnißen.

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