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Aeropress Coffee Maker Review– The way you like it

AeroPress, the best cup of coffee ever

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The AeroPress coffee maker is manufactured by the Aerobie Company, which also produces sporting goods like the flying ring. It is of more recent vintage being invented by Stanford engineering lecturer Alan Adler in 2005.

The basic principle behind the Aerobie brand coffee maker is similar to the mechanics behind a syringe although it is considerably bigger. There are two polycarbonate cylinders that fit one over the other to create an airtight cylinder. You might think of the resultant product as espresso but it is more akin to a strong coffee.

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To use it, you place fine-ground coffee on top of the paper microfilter, which is located at the larger cylinder’s bottom. You will then pour hot but not boiling water (around 75–80 degrees Celsius is ideal) into the coffee, which will then be stirred and allowed to steep for about 10 seconds.

You will then exert pressure on the water-coffee grounds mixture by pushing the second cylinder downwards. And don’t forget to position it on top of a coffee cup or mug, of course.

At present, there only seems to be one model — the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker.

First the Aeropress Pros

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  • You will get coffee with approximately the same strength as espresso although not quiet espresso.
  • You do not even need an expensive bean mill since even a regular grinder will suffice for the job.
  • You will enjoy coffee with lesser acidity and bitterness to it, hence, strong and smooth black coffee.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker — Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness — 1 to 3 Cups Per Pressing

This is because the acids and oils in the coffee grounds are left behind in the Aerobie coffee maker’s paper filter instead of going into your cup.

  • You can control the strength of your coffee by trying various combinations of water temperature, time to press and grind.
  • This is good news in a house with different preferences as well as when you have guests.
  • You may prepare your coffee in 20–30 seconds, depending on your preference and excluding the preparation of the hot water.
  • The clean-up time is also relatively easier. And if you are avid camper but still like your coffee,
  • the AeroPress is a very compact coffee maker that requires no electricity, just your hand power.
  • And did we mention that it is very cheap at approx $29

With its durable construction, that $29 will indeed go a long way.


  • On the negative side, you might have to practice a little to get the operation down pat.
  • You might just end up with coffee grounds and water splattered all over your shirt and counterpart when you press down on the coffee maker.
  • Plus, some customers complain of the amount of coffee grounds needed to make just one cup.

You might have to use 3–4 times more coffee grounds than you normally would with an automatic coffee maker.

That leads us to the following Conclusion

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All in all, the AeroPress coffee maker is a good addition to your arsenal of gadgets necessary to enjoy a cup of strong, smooth and flavorful coffee.

Even if you already have its electronic counterparts, it is always a good idea to have a manual backup for emergency situations.

And sometimes, too, those electronic coffeemakers can be a hassle to operate with all their buttons and parts to clean, not to mention that you often end up with bland coffee.
And nobody wants bland coffee, definitely not you, we hope.

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Black and Decker Coffee Maker Review

You may know of Black and Decker coffee maker already — a globally acclaimed company that has been a household name for decades.

It is therefore not surprising that the products they offer assures you of quality and durability that you would expect from such a big player in the industry.

Black ‘n Decker coffee makers try to live up to the brand name they carry and this is good for the consumers.

This means that the company constantly looks for ways to make sure that their leadership in the market is uncompromised.

For home use, Black and Decker offers coffee makers that can fit squarely in any small space that your kitchen counter can afford. Also, the price range of small Black and Decker coffee makers are a bargain, if you look at how much it differs from other top of the line coffee machines.

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The compact unit is suitable for coffee fanatics who require that perfect cup of coffee in the morning but do not have the time to work complicated machines.

There are just four steps involved in using a compact coffee maker from Black and Decker:

  1. Load the coffee into the pod
  2. Put water in the reservoir
  3. Place a cup in the dispenser
  4. And press a button

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Only, this compact coffee machine is good for just one serving and you will need to start all over again when you have a friend over.

The time that you brew coffee is less than the time when brewing a large batch in a traditional coffee maker.

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Still, because of the portion, you are sure that you will not waste ground coffee because you will not need so much water still the brew is just right.

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For those who have big families that are caffeine fanatics, you can opt for the Black ‘n Decker coffee maker model that accommodates up to 12 cups.

This one is fully programmable and you can set up the whole thing before you go to sleep at night and it starts brewing coffee even before you wake up in the morning.

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You will be able to smell the coffee brewing right after you step into the kitchen. Additionally, if you woke up extra early, you can sneak out a cup even before the coffee maker finishes brewing all twelve cups for everyone else.

For cleaning, you can choose to either wash it by hand or put it in the dishwasher.

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For most Black and Decker coffee maker owners, the quality of the coffee they get from the machine is left uncompromised by the ease of how it was actually prepared.

There have been some negative comments on the design of the spout though, since some would spill their coffee as they pour. If you experience this, you can try practicing the right way to pour coffee at the right angle and force.

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Overall, the Black and Decker coffee maker is a good buy and can be your best ally very morning or evening whenever you need a good cup of brewed coffee at home.

Braun Coffee Maker Reviews

Braun Coffee Maker Review for your convenience. The Braun name has long been associated with a number of small electrical appliances, most notably razors and in the latter half of the last century, coffee makers.

German designed and engineered, a Braun coffee maker have become synonymous with quality, performance, and reliability, along with finely brewed cups of coffee. In terms of coffee makers review and consumer opinion polls, Braun regularly outperforms a number of other brands on the market today.

Here’s a look at the Braun coffee makers, including their four different lines ranging from the basic design to the ultra modern machine equipped with a host of useful features.

The model  KF7070 the BrewSense by Braun offers a fast brewing system coupled with water filters by Brita to improve the flavor of coffee, and with the purchase of the coffee maker comes one free filter.

Brewing up to 12 cups, all three models have a pause-and-serve feature, a filter release button and pivoting filter basket with overflow protection to keep spills at bay.

In terms of consumer reviews, the BrewSense receives high marks for being easy to use as well as inexpensive while still able to brew a good tasting cup of coffee.

Users like the easy to access filter basket as well as the intelligently designed carafe that comes with a sturdy, non-slip handle.

This what users say about the KF580

Robert E. says:
The Braun? Awesome! The 580 brews 8 cups in 7 minutes, a lot faster than the older model we had. Quite acceptable. It does brew hot, and this is important since perfect extraction takes place at 180 to 190 degrees. The pause and serve works well, the carafe does not leak if poured at the right rate (too fast and it will drip a bit), and the cone style filter is optimal for taste extraction from the grounds. It has proven reliable and consistent, and I use the same amount of coffee I would in any other brewer. I like strong coffee, and the Braun delivers!…

Barbara says:
What I like about this Braun is that it brews VERY quickly, the coffee tastes good, it is easy to clean, and easy to program for automatic brewing. I have not been using the gold filter – I got grounds in my cup once – and I”m used to using paper so I just don’t use the gold one, no big deal….

The Impressions Design Collection by Braun features the KF 7170SI it brewes four to 12 cups of coffee housed within a thermal carafe and stylish stainless steel and black machine.

This elegantly designed model features automatic shut-off controls, Braun’s exclusive filter release button, a pilot light, and an easy to pour carafe, but if you’re interested in more controls, the 590E model offers more options such as the digital clock, programmable timer, the pause-and-serve feature, and also a dishwasher safe carafe and lid.

Relatively few complaints can be found about Braun’s Impressions Design Collection as consumers appreciate its quick brewing time and the sturdy carafe that’s easy to care for, although it is noted that the machine actually brews eight full eight ounce cups of coffee instead of ten.

The Bloomfield Coffee Maker, the Rolls Royce for coffee lovers

Nowadays, the Bloomfield coffee maker forms part of the company’s most prominent products that include coffee makers, warmers, decanters, grinders and pots.

As such, you will often find the Bloomfield brand a-blooming in many commercial establishments from the food industry to the travel sector.

Such is the hold upon the imagination that Bloomfield exerts on a coffee-crazy culture.

This is not surprising especially with the company’s dedication to be on the leading edge of coffee brewing with the use of the latest technology in automation.

In most cases, in fact, Bloomfield led the way in innovation particularly in the patented Electronic Brew Control systems as well as other features like the After Hours ModeReady to Brew Light and Countdown Quality Timer.

Along with outstanding customer service and good pricing.

Here are the Pros

There are so many advantages to the Bloomfield lines of coffee makers that it is only right to enumerate them here, thus:

    • The Electronic Brew Control system, which includes the After Hours Mode and Brew Cycle Timer features, prevents double brewing, saves on energy consumption and protects the unit. Basically, you have coffee that is brewed at just the right water temperature, which is the hallmark of an excellent coffee maker.
    • The advanced spray head evenly spreads the water over the entire batch of coffee grounds, thus, ensuring that your coffee is richly textured.
    • The Countdown Quality Timer cues in on the end of the coffee holding time, hence, ensuring that you get your coffee when it is still savory.
    • The materials used in a Bloomfield coffee maker are made to last especially with the one-piece stainless steel models. Even the carafe glass is scratch-resistant! Plus, it does help in your decision to purchase this brand knowing that its stainless steel material is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • The warming station with its warmer plates in porcelain enamel securely holds the decanter whilst ensuring that no scrapes and scratches will happen on the latter, thanks to the absence of protruding screws. Also, you need not remove the panels in order to adjust the water volume. This makes it easier to weaken or strengthen your coffee with a simple operation.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder then that your Bloomfield coffee maker almost always has its twin in your family and friends’ houses, not to mention in your favorite deli, too.

Where there are Pros there are Cons

Most consumers will complain about the expensiveness of the brand especially the products that boast of a $500 price tag.

For most, this is a very high price to pay for a coffee maker whose function can be replaced with a cheaper model.

And in these recessionary times, it pays to save any which way you can. Still, when you want good value for your money, then the Bloomfield coffee accessories cannot be beat. After all, your hundreds of dollars will stretch out for many years to come.

As a final advice, it is often best to choose the more expensive brand for the high-quality it provides.

This is the case with the Bloomfield coffee maker, which will definitely provide for excellent returns on investments – meaning excellent coffee for years and years.

Bodum Coffee Maker

Bodum Coffee Maker prides itself for their elegantly designed products which not only includes coffeemakers but teapots, mugs, and glasses as well.

The company believes that functionality should always be completed by the look of the product and that is what we find in most of their coffee makers.

Bodum Chambord

One of the most popular products of this company is the Bodum Chambord Coffee PressBodum Chambord Coffee Presswhich really helps making coffee a lot easier and less complicated.

It comes in different sizes and you can choose which would suit your needs best – 3 cups, 8 cups, or more. The Bodum coffee press makes excellent-tasting coffee.

This however, is only for those who can wait for their cups from about 5-10 minutes since you have to grind coffee, prepare hot water and press.

If you cannot wait that long, then you’ll have to make do with a coffee drip. Also, there is a bit of complaint on the durability of the glass itself, although you can buy replacements. This might also be attributed to the wrong temperature of hot water being put inside.

Nevertheless, nothing can contest the quality and taste of the coffee you will be drinking.

Bodum’s 12-cup coffee maker is another good product for your home, especially if you love having your friends over for a coffee get-together. This is completely programmable and has a permanently fixed filter.

Just like the rest of the crew, this machine makes brewing the coffee an excellent and fulfilling activity, plus the coffee is great. However, it is also hard to clean and you may have to use up more coffee for a stronger brew. Also, the electronics and the durability is a bit on the negative.

Still, they are not much of a problem unless you do not want to be too meticulous in the care of your Bodum coffee maker.

You can get instant coffee press recommendation with this tool:

Bodum Kona Manual Drip

The Bodum Kona Manual DripBodum Kona Manual Drip coffee maker is one sleekly designed device for making coffee at home.

It is very simple to use, just like the lower priced drip coffee makers but the quality of the material used and it looks like something you can put ass a centerpiece for one of your coffee get-togethers at home.

The spout is excellent for pouring; it is designed like the spout for a teapot. However, you may find the price a bit steep if you are looking for more quality in the coffee you produce.

The mesh is not as excellent as higher quality coffee makers and you will need to grind your coffee very finely in order for you not to have sediments at the bottom of your cup.

Also, the coffee drips quite fast and this might mean that you need to use up more coffee to have a stronger brew.

Finally, it is hard to clean the spout exactly because of its no-drip design and the carafe entrance is a bit narrow for hands to fit in and clean. Still, there are only three parts to the Bodum coffee maker which means you can take your time cleaning it up before the next brew.

The comforts of having a Bosch Coffee Maker

Bosch coffee makers are top of the line and you should make no mistake about it. There are a lot of models that you can choose from but all are tailor-made for the most serious of coffee drinkers.
The sleek and modern design can fit into the most modern kitchens. Bosch coffee makers have built in coffee grinder that uses the Aromaswirl system. This patented system utilizes a pressurized chamber wherein coffee beans are ground with water. The system produces a surprisingly tasteful coffee brew that can best any coffee in the world.

The coffee maker gives you full control of how strong your brew is going to be through the adjustable grinder. You can also choose the size of the cup that you are going to fill up to enhance the flavor of the coffee better. The digital panel includes settings for the following:

  • the water level,
  • the temperature of the coffee inside,
  • timer functions and
  • a brewing cycle.
  • There are switch on and shut off functions that you can adjust to accommodate when you want your coffee brewed in the morning.

The faucet and dispenser accommodates any size of coffee cup, mug, or glass that you want to use with its adjustable height. The drip tray helps you keep your kitchen counter clean as it is designed to catch spills from the dispenser.

Bosch coffee makers are also very silent when you operate them and have automatic cleaningrinsing and descaling features. It additionally has different chambers for ground coffee and coffee beans which allow you to choose the type of coffee you would like to use for your next brew.

However, the coffee maker has a relatively small water reservoir and does not offer the option to plumb it directly to a water line. The chambers for coffee beans and ground coffee are also relatively small and can only accommodate about two cups of strong coffee.

Also, for something advertised as an automated coffee maker, you need to do a lot of things just to prepare your first cup of the day. This is for the obsessive compulsive coffee drinker who does not mind having to fill up the water reservoir, drain trays of ground coffee and coffee beans and of course changing the water filter.

Granted, the machine tells you exactly when you need to do something, much like an alarm. The machine starts blinking when you need to do any of the things mentioned.

This means that these coffee makers seem to be more suited to people who live alone or just as a couple and who have a lot of spare time in their hands to make coffee.

Also, the price is a bit steep, compared to less dramatic coffee maker pieces that can give you excellently flavored coffee for about a fourth of the price of a Bosch coffee maker.

Of course, the taste and quality of the coffee that this high-end coffee maker produces is still to die for.
Yet if you only have a few minutes to spare when it comes to brewing your much needed coffee in the morning, you can grab another more convenient model or brand.

Bosch TAS5542UC Tassimo T55 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer

Bosch TAS4702UC Tassimo T47 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer

Breville Coffee Maker, your next cup is always your first cup


Breville Coffee Maker: From stainless steel to single brew

When you are in a place where you love coffee and must make sure that you have the best, you are going to start taking a look at the coffee makers that are available to you. Before too long, you will find that you are hearing a great deal about the Breville coffee machine.

The Breville coffee machine is a device that has been getting a lot of attention, and if you have heard of it without seeing one in action, you will have many questions over whether it is worth the price tag that gets affixed to any of its models. When you are considering a coffee maker from Breville, there are definitely a few questions that you should keep in mind that will let you make the decision that you need to make.

In the first place, you will find that the Breville is a single cup brewer. This is an important distinction to make, and if you have never tried a single cup brewer before, there are lots of things to get you started. In the first place, you will find that it can help you prevent waste.

When you brew up more coffee than you need, some of it will inevitably go to waste. Instead, with a model like this, you will receive one cup of coffee that is made perfectly to your specifications.

For instance, the programmable LCD screen on many models will let you brew to four standard cup sizes and you will even get to decide your preferred brew structure.

Another great feature of the coffee makers that come from Breville is the fact that they are all made from stainless steel that is very heavy, with a gorgeous shine, and that it is built with durability in mind.

We have all had problems in the past where the coffee makers that we purchase fall apart far too easily, but at the end of the day, you will find that this is not something that you are going to have to worry about with this machine. Make sure that you also consider the structure of the machine itself, and that you understand what makes this model one of the best that has come along in a while.

For instance, you will find that there is an internal water filter will remove many odd tastes and smells from your coffee. If you have ever noticed that there was a slight musk or a slight acridness to your coffee, this filter can very easily take care of it for you. You will also be gratified to see a patented shower head system that will deliver precisely the amount of water that is needed.

On the other hand, you may also be wondering about what factors might make the Brevile coffee machine a less than ideal choice for you; after all, that is what coffee maker reviews are all about!

There is no such thing as a perfect coffee maker, and the Breville coffee maker is no exception. For instance, if you are in a place where you need a 14 ounce cup filled all at once, you will find that these models typically cannot accommodate this.

You can always set the machine to fill your cup twice, but using the same K-cup will make the coffee significantly weaker than it should be.

The solution is to use two separate K-cups, one for each fill run, but this might not necessarily be your ideal situation.

Another thing that some people have noticed when looking through the coffee maker reviews is that the Breville coffee maker brews coffee that is just a touch on the weak side and that the temperature that you can set your coffee to does not go higher than 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

This can be problematic for people who prefer their coffee piping hot; the heat dissipates fairly quickly.

Take some time to figure out what you really want and whether the Breville coffee maker can help you get there.

There are lots of people out there who are quite satisfied with this type of coffee maker and there are others who need to look elsewhere. Consider what your needs are, read plenty of coffee maker reviews and see what

Best Breville Coffee Maker Models

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

Breville BDC450BSS Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe, Brushed Stainless Steel

Breville BNV250BKM1BUC1 Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

The Bunn coffee maker is a quick brewer

A long lasting drip coffee maker
The Bunn coffee makers are consistently listed in the top ten amongst the most popular brands in the coffee makers review.

Originally manufactured only for commercial use, they are now available for both the office and at home.

There are several models of Bunn home coffee makers:

The Bunn BTX10 cup thermal carafe coffee maker, available in black with stainless, will keep your coffee fresh and hot without overheating. No warmer is needed, saving a bit on your electric bill and eliminating that dreadful burnt taste that coffee gets when it sits too long on a warmer. The double walled carafe is unbreakable. It has a vacation switch which turns the tank heater off.

BUNN BX Speed Brew Classic 10-Cup Coffee Brewer

The BX is similar to the BTX, but comes in black or white and has a glass carafe. It is designed to also brew iced tea and hot chocolate. All other features are similar.

What do the users think?:

M.P. says: This Bunn BX-B 10-cup coffe brewer is a pricey but fantastic coffee maker for your home or small office. I bought one for my office, so that I can make myself a quick pot of coffee when I get to work or whenever someone stops by to visit my office during the day. This machine makes coffe FAST and the flavor of the coffee is always consistent. Although I have never found many of the Bunn coffee makers to be much of a fashion statement, this unit is fairly high-tech looking, with its black and stainless color combination.

Be aware before you purchase this Bunn coffee maker that it needs to be installed properly before you can use it successfully. Read and follow the user guide instructions. This coffee maker was designed to remain connected at all times, unless you are cleaning it or leaving home for more than three days. There is a switch for shutting down all electrical components. If it has been turned off, you will need to run a pot of water through it to start the heat cycle going again. Dump the pot that was in the reservoir and you have it ready to go for a fresh hot pot of coffee in three minutes. If you don’t follow the installation instructions you can permanently damage your coffee maker.

Capresso coffee maker


The pros and cons of the Capresso coffee maker

One type of coffee maker you may want to consider is the Capresso coffee maker. If you are looking for a great coffee maker, you’ll find that there are many different brands available to choose from today. Finding the right one can be difficult with so many out there. However, taking the time to read a coffee makers review can help you make the right choice.

Here’s a closer look at the features of Capresso coffee makers, the pros, the cons, and some of the models that are available.

Features Each Machine Includes

While there are a variety of different models of Capresso coffee makers available, and they all come with various features and options, you will find that every coffee maker made by Capresso has a few specific features.

First of all, you’ll find that each of these coffee makers comes with the option to program in a brewing time. You can set up the machine to start brewing your coffee whenever you want it to start.

Each also has a nice digital display as well, making it easy to program the machine and easy to see the time.

They all have stop and serve as well, allowing you to pour a cup of coffee mid brewing, without the coffee going everywhere.

Auto shut off and a special gold tone filter are both great features that come with all models made by Capresso.

Pros of Capresso Coffee Makers

You’ll find that there are quite a few pros that consumers have reported with these coffee makers. If you read reviews on coffee makers by Capresso, you’ll find that one of the pros that many consumers mention is the fact that these coffee makers are very quiet. In fact, they are much quieter than most other similar coffee makers.

Some also come with special water filters that are built right in, removing the chlorine that may be in the water.

The gold filter is another pro, since it is one of the best types of filters out there. You won’t have to purchase filters, and these filters can easily be washed.

Auto shut off is another great pro. There is no need to worry about the coffee pot staying on and scorching the coffee or starting a fire with the automatic shut off that is included.

Cons of the Coffee Makers

As with any coffee maker, there are a few cons. While most people have had very few problems, the one big con that you may notice is the price of the Capresso coffee makers. They are quite pricey, running from $100 to $200, depending on the particular model that you choose. Many feel that it is worth the price, but for a coffee maker, there are others that are not sure a simple coffee maker is worth this steep price.

Various Models Available

Capresso has a variety of different models available when it comes to coffee makers. Here’s a look at a few of the models that are available and all they have to offer.

Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker, Black and Stainless Steel

  • COMPACT DESIGN: Perfectly sized 5-cup glass carafe is ideal for 1 or 2 people
  • GOLDTONE FILTER: Eliminates the need for messy paper filters and is easy to clean
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Set the machine to automatically brew at your programmed time
  • KEEP WARM: Hot plate stays on for 2 hours and then automatically turns off
  • DRIP STOP: Pour a cup while brewing

The Capresso MT600

is yet another excellent coffee maker made by this company.

It has a great stainless steel heating system. This keeps the water from contacting any aluminum, which keeps scale build up from occurring.

The thermal carafe included helps to keep the coffee hot for about four hours, and it also includes a charcoal water filter.

This coffee maker is stylish and easy to clean, making it a winner.

  • HOTTEST COFFEE: Stainless steel heating element can brew 10 cups in less than 8 minutes
  • CAPACITY: 10-cup double walled stainless steel thermal carafe
  • GOLDTONE FILTER: Eliminates the need for messy paper filters and is dishwasher safe
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Set the machine to automatically brew at your programmed time
  • WATER FILTER: Removes up to 82% of chlorine and other impurities with charcoal water filtration

Get a Chemex Coffee Maker Today

The Chemex coffee maker was invented by chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm in 1941 and since then it has epitomized the best in manual coffee making. In addition, its iconic design has placed it in the pantheon of permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian.

You will most probably agree that indeed it is a beautiful thing to behold and an excellent coffee maker to use in its simplicity. You use the Chemex by forming the proprietary coffee filter into a cone, placing it on the pouring spout, putting either a regular or automatic grind coffee into the filter cone, pouring freshly boiled water (about 200 F) into the grounds slowly and then pouring the resulting fresh coffee into your favorite mug. Enjoy!

You can buy the Chemex coffee maker in various sizes like the 8-cupchemex 8-cup and the 3-cupchemex 3-cup models, the latter of which can also make excellent coffee for 1 cup.


You get a full-flavored coffee because the Chemex allows the coffee beans to blossom, hence, giving up its full flavors. Also, you will notice that the essential oils in the coffee beans are left behind during the brewing process, thus, resulting to a less bitter coffee.

Now, contrast this with the auto-drip machine that allows water to swirl through the coffee beans and the French press that allows silt to settle into your coffee. You will have no difficulty learning the bells and whistles of automatic coffeemakers simply because there are no bells and whistles in the Chemex.

It is a back to the basics coffee maker that any technophobe and even technophile will love. You can control the strength and flavor of your coffee. Just add or lessen the amount of coffee or water you want until you arrive at your perfect brew for the day.

The recommended amount is one rounded tablespoon per 5 ounce of coffee, according to the Chemex coffee maker website. You can clean the Chemex in less than a minute. There are no tubes, small parts, and no reservoirs to take apart.

Just take out the filter and throw it in the trash, rinse the Chemex and store in the cabinet. Plus, you will appreciate owning a piece of art that can grace your countertop if you wish to display it.

Not bad for a manual coffeemaker.


You have to employ trial and error when brewing your perfect cup of coffee.

YOU might have difficulty in calculating the contact time especially as you have to pour the hot water in small amounts.

You cannot perform multi-tasking with the Chemex coffee maker as you really have to boil and pour the water into the coffee grounds-filled paper cone.


Hands down, the Chemex  is the most beautiful manual drip coffee maker ever made. (Proof: It is the only coffeemaker in display at museums) You can learn how to operate it since there are no buttons to push, you can clean it out easily and you can store it just about anywhere.

The best thing about the Chemex coffee maker is that it produces excellent coffee with its full flavors but without the bitter oils and the silt of other coffeemakers.

All in all, it is an excellent coffeemaker indeed, perhaps even a must-have in any kitchen.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Overview

What Is That All About Cuisinart?

When you start looking for a coffee makers review, you’re going to find plenty of Cuisinart coffee maker models available as potential choices for your coffee lover needs. Before you start reading reviews, here’s an overview of some of the models that might be of the greatest interest to you.

Drinking on the Go

If you have a fast-paced lifestyle and end up drinking your morning coffee in the car on the way to work, the Two to Go Coffeemaker of this brand might have a solution.

This coffee maker is designed to brew the coffee right into two 14-ounce stainless steel travel mugs. These are the same types of mugs you see sold in stores, but they are designed for car cup holders and do have features included to prevent spills.

You can brew both mugs or just one, depending on your needs.

Espresso With the Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Anyone?

If you prefer drinking something a little more upscale than regular coffee, you might consider either of the espresso maker models available from Cuisinart. Both of the models allow you to brew a cup of espresso then make that cup into either a cappuccino or a latte thanks to the steam nozzle and frothing cup that are also included.

One of the models allows for a single espresso; the other can make two at one time. The more expensive model has a larger reservoir – 52 ounces compared to 69 ounces. Both come with warming trays so you can keep the drink delicious while finishing the job. One drawback is the price. Both cost quite a bit more than the average coffee maker.

Traditional Coffee Lovers and The Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Many people still prefer a traditional cup of coffee. Cuisinart offers plenty of choices for those people, as well. They offer a classic drip coffee maker in white or black which can brew up to ten cups of coffee at a time. You can also pause the brewing and you can choose to make a smaller batch of between one to four cups. If you want something with a larger capacity and more features, they also offer a programmable model that can brew up to 14 cups which is available in black and silver. This model has a heating plate, brew pause, and even a cleaning setting.

12-cup programmable coffee maker is also available. This model comes in four different colors: black, red, white, and pink.

For coffee lovers who don’t need quite that much caffeine to start their day, a 4 cup classic model is also available. The model comes in black or pink with a stainless steel carafe.

To Grind or Not to Grind Coffee Beans

One of the biggest debates for coffee lovers is over whether or not you have to grind your own beans to have an amazing cup of coffee. Cuisinart covers both sides of the debate. All of the above coffee makers use instant or already ground beans. However, the company also offers several models that incorporate the grinding process directly into the coffee maker itself.

One of these models is the Grind and Brew Thermal Coffee Maker that is makes about 10 cups. The beans are automatically grinded to make the coffee. Plus, the model features a charcoal filter to improve the purity and taste of the water used for brewing. The so-called European style of the model and its stainless steel appearance make it a good look for the modern kitchen.

Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Another one of their Grind and Brew models can handle 12 cups but also offers a moisture-free hopper for the beans so they won’t be damaged and gives you control over the settings of the grinder. You can also turn the grinder off. A similar model grinds the beans, offers 12 cups of coffee, but provides the thermal feature that keeps the carafe hot even after the pot is finished brewing. This model also gives you the choice of selecting the strength of the coffee you want to brew which is a great way to ensure you have the perfect cup of coffee every single time.

This is what some users say.

I love the new look! We had the older version for about 6 years. This new one is sleeker and much easier to clean and keep clean (the inside where the grinder sits gets cakey due to condensation). I got it for $149, used Amazon Prime, and had it in a few days! I love it. If you’re thinking of getting this grind and brew with stainless carafe, it is nice. Some parts will have to be replaced over the years like the older version, but the taste of the freshly ground coffee every day is worth it. I never pre-heat the carafe like the directions say because that defeats the purpose of the timer…..

Daren B.:
The main reason I went with this unit, was Cuisineart had the only ones in Bed Bath & Beyond which can be programmed to grind then brew. I leave it on my desk at work, and have it programmed to grind/brew right before I arrive in the morning. And it’s awesome. Only used it several times so far, but no complaints. Cleaning is relatively easy – but (like any other coffee brewer/grinder I assume) you have to clean it every day. Not a big deal though, so far I’ve just been taking the grinder and filter parts out, and rinsing them out. Not sure how important it is to use soap…

Conclusions About Cuisinart Coffee Maker Models

Because prices for these models are a bit higher than for standard coffee makers, you might want to consider purchasing a traditional coffee maker if you can find a good coffee makers review for some.

Then buy a separate grinder for the beans. Cuisinart also makes a couple of models of coffee grinders which sell for under $30 and come in black, white, and stainless steel so you can find one to match your coffee maker.

Delonghi Coffee Makers


Get Your Complete Delonghi Coffee Maker Review Here

The coffee makers review has indicated that the Delonghi Coffee makermakes you a perfect, steaming hot cup of coffee without the complexities associated with the art.

A good cup of coffee can add a zing into your day and pep you up. Coffee also is a great way to have some enlightening conversations as well!

Researches have indicated that drinking coffee regularly (though not overtly) can reduce risks of colon cancer, Parkinson’s and diabetes as well. Yes, coffee is not just a beverage, it’s a lot more. In the earlier times brewing that perfect cuppa was an art known to a few.

Let’s have a look at this new gadget and check it out! Delonghi Coffee Makers come in different styles, colors and types. When you talk about kitchen gadgets and appliances, the name Delonghi is revered by quite a few.

Delonghi Coffee makers come in various capacities depending on the number of cups required. You can get a 4 cup, 12 cup, 14 cup and a 25-40 cup too.

If you have a big family or you love coffee, then Delonghi 12 cup coffee maker is the right machine for you. This machine has a sleek black look and you don’t need to shift anything.

It has a patented Complete Frontal Access technology which means that when you can add the water and coffee grounds without moving the machine. This machine is so convenient that you can just open the door in the front of the machine and add the coffee grounds and water. So, the whole process is pretty neat and manageable.

This coffee maker also comes with an additional aroma button which activates a process which enables you to get just the right aroma and flavour in your coffee.

The other features are a digital timer which can be programmed, water level indicator, gold tone permanent filter and water refill indicator. The Delonghi 12 cup coffee maker also has a pause and serve function like its predecessor.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers have a coffee dispenser

Does Hamilton Beach promise too much?

The Hamilton Beach Brew Station 12 Cup Coffee Maker is unique amongst coffee makers

This coffee makerhas no carafe, instead it has an enclosed brewing system with a thermal-lined insulation and the coffee is released into the cup by pressing on a dispenser.

This is a great idea, but Hamilton Beach needs to improve on their engineering of this product as it failed ten days after we bought it. Please read on for all details. The Braun coffee maker that we have, did a good job for more than six years. After thousands of coffee pots, one morning it sudddenly failed to work and we had to replace it. Looking in our local retailer we realized that they didn’t stock Braun.

However our attention was drawn to a fantastic looking product, the Hamilton Beach Brew Station 12 Cup Coffee Maker, and soon we were carrying it home. What made us buy it, was the fact that it has no carafe.

The coffee in these Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers brews within the main unit and then is released into your cup by pressing on a dispenser, similar to the types you find at some coffee stores. The benefit is clear: you can pour your coffee with one hand and you don’t have to worry about breaking the carafe.

A great idea!

For this exact model you can use a standard sized coffee filter and it has an internal warming tray to keep the coffee warm. Definitely, we think that the unit keeps coffee hot for longer than most of the units that we have owned before.

For days we enjoyed the hot, freshly brewed coffee and we thought that we made a good decision when we bought the product.

But our joy with the product did not last long

One of the strangest features of the unit was the double push of the on/brew button to get it started. Just like the double click of your computer’s mouse to open a file, users must do the same to the round push-button at the front of the machine. No toggling on/off switch to deal with here!

Sadly, recently morning the switch did not work. Certainly, the light did come on, but no coffee was dispensed. We redid the whole process at least a ten times before we knew that the machine was not working.

There was water in the unit, the coffee grind had been put in the filter properly, and the light on the switch came on. Never ther less, no coffee was brewing.

All in all,

the Hamilton Beach Brew Station 12 Cup Coffee Maker is an fantastic idea, but the way the button is designed is a bad idea. I would suggest to improve the machine by replacing the switch with a mechanism that does what it is supposed to do. Our luck was, that we were able to return the coffee machine to BJ’s and receive a full cash refund.

My resumee:

The design and features of these Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers leave much to be desired. The lack of features and fear of overflow/leaking have left me annoyed. If you want a reason to not buy it, don’t buy it if you EVER plan to make 12 cups of coffee or even 10. But 8 might be ok if you use 1tbsp coffee and no more.

The K-Cup Coffee Makers

The Keurig coffee maker has sprung up as one of the most popular home brewing options available. When writing a coffee makers review, you have to consider many different factors, including is the machine cost efficient, how does it work, is it easy to use and most importantly of all, does it make a good cup of coffee?

The Keurig single serving coffee maker seems to score well across the board and is sure to leave most people satisfied.

Single Serving Coffee Maker

Keurig uses a single cup mechanism that is optimized to get the exact right amount of coffee into your cup each and every time. Called the “K-Cup” system, each cup of coffee you make comes in a small, sealed package. The cups and the machine itself come with different sizes, so you can have as much coffee as you want. Bigger isn’t stronger, it’s actually the opposite. Because a smaller cup of coffee has more coffee and less water, smaller cups are actually stronger.

How Does it Work? The Keurig system functions on two basic principles, pressure and heat. Together, they combine to give you hot, precisely measured coffee for every cup. All you really need to do is place the serving of coffee into the machine, fill it up with water, put your mug down and press a button or two. The coffee maker does the rest, filtering out and extracting the flavors for a premium cup of coffee right in your home.

Benefits and Features

Keurig coffee makersKeurig coffee makerscome with many different features that make them a favorite with all sorts of people. One of the highlights is that the Keurig K-Cups don’t just come with house brand coffee. They are partnered up with many different coffee brands so you can end up drinking the exact type of coffee you want. Just a few of the brands you can enjoy are Caribou Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee , Tully’s Coffee and Newman’s Own Organics.

Of course another benefit to the Keurig coffee maker, and really all single serving coffee makers, is how easy it is to use. There’s never any mess or clean up and there’s no complicated machinery to figure out. It’s straightforward and takes only a second.

Additionally, because all of the servings are measured out, you don’t have to guess how much coffee needs to be made. It’s already measured, so you know you’ll get the exact same strength and taste each time.

You can also adjust the amount of coffee you’re making. Some people may prefer ultra strong 4 oz coffee while some people may want to sip on a full 12 oz mug. Whatever your preferences are, you can easily adjust the machine to get the coffee made the way you like. And if the next person after you likes it differently, it just takes another push of a button to change it back.

This may not matter to everybody, but the Keurig has a stylish and sleak design. It fits in nicely with modern appliances and a well done kitchen. But it’s also small enough that it doesn’t stick out like an eyesore, and it can be easily stored away and brought back out. There are also different K-Cup racks, to fit your decor and keep your coffee easily in reach at all times.

Cons to Keuring

As with all single serving coffee makers, the Keurig B30 Mini BrewerKeurig b30 coffee makerisn’t an ideal solution when having company over Keurig B30  and making everybody coffee. While it brews extremely fast, it

only takes one minute to get your coffee, if you have ten people over you may not want to stand there and restart it ten separate times. That being said, there are several different models, some of which are actually very well equipped to handle the task of making multiple people coffee.

The Keurig coffee maker isn’t the most expensive on the market, but it’s not the cheapest brand either. You certainly do get quality for the price you pay, and the machine will hold up well. But if you’re looking for any kind of coffee maker to get the job done, you can find far cheaper options available.

The good news is that there are models ranging from mini to deluxe systems that you can choose between. As I said before, when it comes to coffee makers reviews, what it really comes down to is “how good is the coffee?”. Keurig coffee maker passes the test, it makes great coffee. If you’re looking for consistently good coffee and flexibility from coffee size to the brand of coffee you make than the Keurig coffee maker is a solid choice.

Krups Coffee Makers

Choosing Quality

The Krups coffee maker offers many features that make brewing your favorite coffee beverage easier than ever.

Since 1956, Krups has been on the cutting-edge of the coffee machine business by producing useful products that are easy to use at home or at the office. Krups offers coffee enthusiasts a wide array of machines to fit every lifestyle and coffee habit.

With an easy to access customer service department, accessory products can easily be obtained, technical issues are easy to solve and, on the rare occasion that replacement parts are needed, they are easy to locate either online or at a local dealer authorized to sell Krups coffee machine equipment.

Krups coffee makersreview very well among consumers due, in part, to the fact that they are easy to program up to 24 hours in advance. Waking up and smelling the coffee has never been easier to do than with a Krups coffee machine that has your morning cup ready before your feet even hit the floor.

The Krups coffee machine also has an automatic shut-off feature, making turning your machine off one less thing to remember to do on a busy morning.

With a built-in filter system, the Krups coffee machine is as economical as it is smart. There is never a need to waste money on coffee filters again and the Krups coffee maker comes with the NatureActiv charcoal filter that eliminates most of the chlorine taste often present in tap water.

Krups coffee maker reviews are always high when it comes to the cup capacity of their machines. In fact, depending on the model purchased, up to 12 cups of coffee can be brewed at a time, which makes a Krups coffee maker a great choice for large families or for an office setting.

Although the brewing time is only a few minutes, for those that just can’t wait for the entire brewing cycle, the Krups coffee maker comes with a pause feature so that coffee lovers short on time can enjoy a cup of coffee before the entire pot is brewed.

When considering purchasing new machine, a shopper should first consider which coffee experience is desired. Whether the preference is for an automatic drip machine, an espresso machine, a machine that will grind coffee beans before brewing or a dual carafe machine useful for brewing both decaffeinated and regular coffee at the same time, there is a Krups coffee machine for each of these options.

For automatic drip machine lovers, the newly introduced KM4065 Krups coffee machine is a dream come true. Simply insert two tablespoons of fresh grinds for every six ounces of water (per cup of coffee), start the machine right away or program it to start at a particular time, and up to 12 delightfully steaming cups of coffee can be had at any time.

The KM1000 automatic drip machine is equally as impressive, but only makes 10 cups per brewing cycle.

For enthusiasts looking for a truly fresh brewed cup of coffee, the KM7000 or the F468 will grind your favorite coffee beans before brewing a fresh cup for you.

Coffee lovers sometimes want a simple cup of coffee or, for those desiring a greater boost of caffeine and flavor, an espresso may be in order. Also, for those who want a full coffee flavor, without the caffeine jolt, a decaffeinated cup of coffee might be a preference.

Either way, Krups offers solutions for every taste with either their line of dual coffee and espresso machines such as the XP2070, the XP2010 or the XP1500 — or the Krups dual carafe coffee machines that offer separate brewing systems, allowing regular and decaf carafes to brew simultaneously.

Overall, the full line of Krups coffee makers review ratings is very high when compared to other coffee machine. Those who have invested in these high quality coffee machines enjoy the luxury of having fresh brewed coffee or a caf�-worthy espresso at home. They realize a tremendous savings in home brewing as well as time saved by avoiding long lines at coffee houses.

However, some have complained that the high-pitched alarm signifying that the coffee is done is quite loud. This can be a good thing for those who work in a noisy environment or who are in other parts of the house when the alarm goes off, as it’s rather difficult to miss.

Krups realizes that coffee lovers vary as far as the type of beverages they enjoy. Therefore, a Krups coffee maker is available for every connoisseur and, among coffee maker reviews, convenient brewing systems don’t get much better than Krups.

Explore all Krups coffee makers here

For this coffee makers review, I will be reviewing the Melitta coffee maker line. Like many of you, I have a hard time functioning in the morning until I’ve had my morning cup of coffee.

Because I’m not fully functional when I am making coffee, I want it to be simple and convenient.

My favorite of all the Melitta coffee machines is the 10-Cup programmable Mill and Brew . In the morning, my wife and I probably drink about 4 cups of coffee, and the 10 Cup Mill and Brew can make that much plus 4 more. It’s really simple to use, just match the number of scoops with the right amount of water, and turn it on. It brews pretty fast, and that is something else that I appreciate. The big advantage with this machine is that will grind my coffee beans. I find that this improves the flavor of the coffee

It also has a timer where you can fill it the night before and set and forget. (It doesn’t work if you don’t set it up the night before, which is something I constantly forget to do.) If you are going to be home most of the day and plan on drinking from the same pot you brewed in the morning, about two and a half hours is the limit. After this, the coffee tends to grow stale and has a bitter taste.

The only thing that I could do without is the display of the local weather. But at least the timer is set automatically, even to summer and winter time.

The One Melitta coffee maker: One Single Serve Coffeemaker Black makes an excellent cup of coffee, (depending on the brand of coffee), but it’s just not practical for my household. If I were to want a second cup of coffee, I would need to remake and brew it. I just don’t have the time to be making coffee all day, no matter how good it tastes. However, it would be a good coffee maker for a single person who likes to grab that one cup of coffee before heading out to work.

There are three different selectionson this machine for 5, 8, and 14 ounces. So if I wanted 10 ounces of coffee, I would need to brew 14 ounces, and pour the extra 4 ounces down the sink. As I said before, I prefer my coffee maker to be of a more simple design.

Mr Coffee Coffee Makers

The Mr Coffee Coffee Makeris produced by Mr. Coffee, the publicly-traded manufacturer of various accessories related to coffee and tea particularly coffee grinders and machines, espresso and cappuccino makers and iced tea makers.

Its automatic-drip kitchen coffee machine, which was introduced in 1972, was the first-ever of its kind in the market.

Basically, the Mr Coffee Coffee Maker combines the percolator process with the drip-brew process.

The difference is that water is heated up in a separate chamber with the use of electricity.

Most of these machines follow a similar process, to wit: You fill the water reservoir with cold water, place the pod in its pod tray, and just press the start button.

Depending on the model, you can have your coffee in as little as an hour although you can program the machine to brew hours before you have need for your caffeine shot.

You can choose from the 4, 8, 10 and 12-cup models that fall under the categories of switch, programmable and thermal.

Depending on your budget, your choices range from the highly affordable TF4 4-Cup Coffee Maker to the more expensive LWXSS33 12Cup Touch Screen Programmable Coffeemaker .

The features likewise differ although common characteristics like removable filter baskets, Brewing Pause ‘n Serve, Delay Brew, indicator lights, water level markings, warming plates, water filtration systems and cord storage can be enjoyed.


The Mr Coffee Coffee Maker possesses many admirable features that coffee lovers will like. First, you can pour a cup of coffee from the carafe even before the brewing cycle is finished because of the Brewing Pause ‘n Serve feature.

The machine stops dripping coffee when the carafe is not in the burner.

The coffee machines are also very easy to clean although it’s not dishwasher safe, obviously.

Most models are also ergonomically-designed, which makes for easy storage.

The best thing about these machines is their water filtration system, which removes as much as 97 percent of chlorine in tap water.

You end up with better-tasting coffee although the quality of your coffee pods/grounds still matter to a major degree.


On the other side of the coin, Mr. Coffee machines often have problems with leaks that result in messy kitchen counters.

Although you can always keep paper towels handy, it’s just too much aggravation during times when you want to dash out the door for an appointment.

If you have little patience for beeps and alarms in the house except for the smoke alarm, you will be annoyed with the beeps emanating from the coffeemaker that doesn’t turn itself off.

And even the loud brewing cycle is exasperating! Still, when you come to think of it, it’s still less of an aggravation than, say, making your own coffee from grounds and using a percolator. Nothing in this world is perfect, after all.


If you are looking for reliable coffee machines with satisfactory customer service, then a Mr Coffee Coffee Makercan be in your near future.

With its many models and features, you ought to find a model that best serves your needs and preferences.

Again, look at your budget, coffee consumption and preferences, as well as your lifestyle when looking for the right coffee machine

Explore Mr Coffee Coffee Machines here

Nespresso, the best cup of coffee money can buy

The Nespresso line of coffeemakers and coffee pods is the proprietary system for home brewing as operated by the Nescafe group. The system itself is made up of a coffee machine into which specialized single-serve coffee capsules, which consist of ground coffee with various intensity, acidity and bitterness, are brewed.

Two of the more popular coffee machines under the brand are the C100-US-Aero and the D290. The naming system is in accordance with the norm in the coffeemaker industry although it could have provided us with the favor of naming the machines with easy-to-recall tags.

C100-US-Aero + Water + Capsule = Hot Espresso

Anyways, the Nexpresso C100-US-Aero is an automatic espresso machine with the proprietary Aeroccino one-touch milk frother.

Notable features include a 19-bar pump with the proprietary ThermoBlock heating system, electronic temperature regulation and removable 41-ounce water tank. Many users point to the ease of operation of this top-of-the-line coffeemaker.

Basically, the preferred coffee capsule is placed in its designated slot. The right lever and button are pulled and pushed and in a couple of minutes or so, piping hot espresso is yours to enjoy.

The espresso is dense and the foam is thick so much so that the lattes and cappuccinos from this coffeemaker rival the expensive coffee concoctions purchased from neighborhood coffee bars. This is also one of the easiest to clean of the Nespresso line. Just pull out the base holding the used pods, wash them in water and it’s done.

Add in the fact that it’s of compact size and many consumers rave about it in general.

Another coffeemaker from the same reputable manufacturer is the D290. Its features include 19-bar pump, electronic temperature regulation and automatic ejection of used coffee capsules, to name a few.

Like the others in its line, D290 is very easy to operate.

Just plug on the machine, pop in the preferred coffee pod, press the correct cup size, and out comes espresso with nice, thick cream on top. Cappuccino and latte varieties only need pressing on the steam button, sticking the tube into the cup of milk, pressing the lever and voila!

Hot, frothy foam on your coffee.

As can be expected from the Nespresso brand, clean up is as easy as taking out the receptacle for the discarded pods and rinsing it in warm water. Back in it goes to the coffeemaker. Plus, many consumers attest to the durability of the unit even after years of use.

One major disadvantage with both models of coffeemakers is its inability to take other brands of coffee capsules. You have to order directly from the website and in a few specialized stores before you can use the coffeemakers to your advantage again and again.

Coffee Capsules: Choice and Flavor

Fortunately, the proprietary coffee capsules are delicious in their own right or else no one will take the effort to buy both the machine and the pod.

You can choose from 16 Grands Crus blends, which are ground to various grades of fineness, flavor, intensity, acidity and bitterness. There is also a choice between espresso-sized cups and the larger Lungo capsules.

All in all,

the Nespresso coffeemakers and coffee capsules are a great match for coffee lovers who want their preferred drinks fast and easy without losing its positively addictive flavors, textures and aroma.
Just be prepared to pay a premium and you should be all set.

Saeco Coffee Makers

Saeco International Group is a manufacturer of fully automated espresso and cappuccino machines and of coffee makers for home use as well as public or office use. The Saeco coffee maker can be purchased depending on how many cups you need to brew at home or in the office.

The 60-cup renaissance urn digital coffee maker is made of stainless steel and is very durable.

The handles are heat resistant.
This is fully automated which means you can control the temperate of the coffee being brewed and the time you need to brew the coffee.

You can see the water and the coffee levels because of the indicator tube, as well as the marking for how many cups of coffee is still contained. Additionally, the design includes two no-drip faucets for faster serving.

You can choose to brew 20 cups of coffee or 60 depending on the stress levels for the day. This model is recommended for office use since it pretty large.

The Saeco Renaissance model is perfect for home use.

This digital drip coffee maker produces 5 cups of coffee in a ceramic thermal insulated carafe.

Although there are no settings for smaller amount of coffee, you can adjust the amount by simply controlling the amount of water and coffee you put in.

The sleek look of the Saeco coffee maker is ideal for your modern kitchen plus the technology that comes with it allows you to keep your coffee at just the right temperature for hours.

The renaissance has a touch pad design and a digital clock face. You can program coffee brewing in an instant or schedule brewing in advance for up to a day.

Once the brewing is done, the renaissance automatically shuts off and keeps the coffee warm in the insulated carafe, without affecting the flavor.

Saeco has built a solid reputation in this industry and you can certainly rely on this manufacturer for the best quality coffee makers out in the market today. Also, they offer good prices for the different models that they have. You can always opt for the lower priced models; but these are the ones that would not look as sleek or as modern as the newer releases. Still, a semi-automated coffee maker which is durable and can last you decades is a good investment. Or, you can choose manual models which of course would not be of a lesser quality than newer products from the same manufacturer.

There are only a few disappointments in the Saeco system, one is that the customer support is a bit weak, and another is that the replacement of parts or repairs is quite expensive. Inevitably, you will need to contact the manufacturers for repairs or replacements of some of the worn out parts. Additionally, there have been complaints on different Saeco reviews about the time it takes for products to get repaired.

Overall, Saeco still has one of the best qualities in the coffee maker industry, durability and dependability on the machines themselves. For expertly brewed coffee at home or in a small office, Saeco coffee makers are a great choice.

Explore Saeco Coffee Makers here

Technivorm Coffee Makers


The manufacturer of the Technivorm coffee maker takes great pride in its products because of their quality. This can be attributed to the fact that every coffee maker coming from the Technivorm factories are assembled by hand and then individually tested in actual situations.

For purposes of this review, we shall focus on the Moccamaster KBT741, which is one of the more popular coffee makers from Technivorm. By the way, Technivorm also produces other Moccamaster units under three categories – At Work, At Home and At Extra.

Technivorm Product Description

The stainless steel Moccamaster KBT741 is an auto-drip coffeemaker with a capacity of 10 cups per cycle. It has a thermal carafe instead of the glass carafe of its cousin, the KBG741, which makes for hot coffee hours after making it.

This particular Technivorm coffee maker has a pause-and-serve feature, which makes it possible to pour coffee even the drip cycle is still incomplete, without making too much of a mess on the counter. Other features include an adjustable hot plate, an automatic shut-off and a 1 year warranty on the unit.

The Pros of the Technivorm

The KBT741 is one of the few coffee makers with the approval of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Europe as well as the European Coffee Brewing Centre, which says plenty of things about the quality of the product.

Both of these organizations have exacting requirements when it comes to brewing temperature, water-coffee contact time and holding temperature.

Thus, most buyers delightedly discover that the coffee tastes and smells great – indeed, the foremost reason for the popularity of the Technivorm coffee maker.

In fact, any coffee maker that does not make good coffee is not worth the purchase price paid for it.

Many consumers also like that it is easy to use since there are fewer controls to worry about during the process. And with its solid construction, the KBT741technivor-kbt741 is excellent value for your money where durability and longevity are concerned.

What are the Cons?

Still, one must consider the disadvantages before deciding on the purchase.

The KBT741 is expensive with prices starting at $299 excluding the shipping and handling charges.
You may want to look at other less expensive coffee makers with the same good qualities.

This particular Technivorm coffee maker is also on the bulky side, which makes it more at home in a laboratory than in a home kitchen. Unless, of course, you have a kitchen serving as your coffee laboratory, in which case, then it will blend in.

So what’s the conclusion?

For all its bulk, however, the Moccamaster has very little features in relation to its size. There are no programmable timer, no small batch settings, no time-clean indicator, no cleaning cycle and no cord storage. Indeed, these may be one “no” too many for its price tag.

And then there is also the difficulty of finding it in stores. In most instances, you will have to check online to purchase one for your home. Even if online shopping is a great option, there are times when we want to touch the product before we actually take it home with us.

And so the question remains, is the Moccamaster KBT741 Technivorm coffee maker any good? Well, if you can live with the bulky size and the lack of features in favor of excellent coffee, then of course it is!

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