Best Movie Sites – 2020

These days we try to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, we do not go out unless it is compulsory. Being stuck at home, after a point, bothers us. We have compiled a list of the best movie sites to help you troubleshoot. Welcome.

The world is currently fighting a major epidemic. The main task of this struggle for the citizens is not to go out and spread the virus more. As such, we can not come out to the boil that will burst from boredom. Aware of this, for you best movie sites We decided to compile the list.

You can browse hundreds of content on these movie sites and troubleshoot your boredom by watching movies. At the end of our article, we will also talk about a few applications that make movie suggestions for you. If you wish immediately best movie sites Let's take a look at our list.

The best movie sites:

  • YouTube
  • the Retrovisio
  • moviesfoundonl to
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Mubi


  • High-quality content.
  • Movies are evaluated according to the number of viewers.
  • Viewers can leave their comments about the movie.

YouTube may actually be seen as a video or song streaming platform for most people, but this platform actually has a much better aspect. YouTube, both paid and free including many films, documentaries and series. If you have a YouTube Premium subscription, the content can be watched without ads, but if you do not have a subscription, you can watch the movies free of charge.

One of the key points here is that YouTube's official channel is hosted by all of these movies and TV series. In this way, most of the movies can be watched in high quality. YouTube Originals page clicking here you can go and browse the content.

the Retrovisio

  • Classic movie archive.
  • The categories that allow you to find the movie you want.
  • It's completely free.

if classical If you like movies and want to watch old movies, Retrovision is for you. It is also very easy to find the type of movie you are looking for in Retrovision, where you can watch classic movies completely free of charge. Your site adventure, comedy, cartoon, crime, drama, horror, scifi, war, and cowboy You can quickly find the movies you want by entering categories like movies.

moviesfoundonl to

  • Genre diversity such as documentary, short film, animation.
  • It's completely free.
  • Always up to date.

Allows you to watch the movie you want for free moviesfoundonl toallows you to find free movies on the internet, even though it doesn't have its own player directly on the site. MoviesFoundOnline, which does a good job in this sense, is a little more ineffective than its competitors in terms of content, although it is simple to use. Still on the internet free movies we recommend that you visit MoviesFoundOnline so that you can find it.

Amazon Prime Video

  • Extensive list of ingredients.
  • Amazon Prime exclusive content.
  • Movie suggestion according to your style.

Amazon was once seen as a website used only for shopping, but over time it began to step into different sectors. Thanks to Amazon Prime Video, you can now access many popular movies and TV shows. Also on this platform, Amazon is self-produced Amazon Original exclusive contents There's also. Prime Video membership, where you can start the trial version for free, is renewed for 6 euro per month.


  • Netflix exclusive content.
  • Movie and TV series suggestions according to your style.
  • Local and foreign popular movie pool.

Undoubtedly, Netflix, which is one of the most known movie and series viewing platforms among the movie sites we have counted, is loved by its wide content pool, Turkish language support and optional subscription selection. Netflix subscription different It is presented in ways and the user can choose one of them according to his own request and access the content he wants. Also, Netflix subscriptions all offer completely ad-free content. And also Elite, The Punisher, La Casa de Papel Netflix exclusive content such as some are also some of the good things about the platform.


  • In addition to popular content, it also offers unknown content.
  • A news flow that provides information about the cinema agenda.
  • Mobile application that can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

Although not very popular, Mubi is a movie site that contains very good content and is at the same level as its competitors. Mubi, which is constantly updated with new movies, has a wide content pool from popular movies to old movies. Besides, there are multiple ways to watch Mubi. Mubi, where you can watch movies on game consoles such as internet browser, smartphone or tablets, PlayStation 3 and 4, can also work on smart TVs like Sony, Samsung and LG.

Nowadays when we are stuck home, we compiled to prevent you from getting bored best movie sites we have come to the end of our article. If you want movies on your computer reduce If you want, you can reach our article by compiling the best movie download sites by clicking here. Besides that it will suit your taste movie suggestions We suggest you take a look at our article here.