Best Note Taking Apps for iPad and Apple Pencil

There are many note taking apps available for iPad and Apple Pencil users. If you cannot decide which one is suitable for you, you can find the appropriate note application in this article.

As we adapted to the digital environment, we could easily handle our work in the digital environment. The increasingly popular use of the iPad, especially with the Apple Pencil, eliminated the paper-pencil requirement. You can easily keep all kinds of notes on the iPad, which gives you a good experience with physical paper and pen usage.

Although Apple offers its own note application with the iPadOS operating system, this application only provides a simple and basic functionality. Fortunately, there are many successful note-taking applications in the market other than this application. Here are a few of them.

Note taking apps for iPad and Apple Pencil:

  • Notability
  • GoodNotes 5
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Or
  • Evernote
  • Noteshelf


  • Fee: 79,99 TL (February 2021)

With thousands of positive reviews, no doubt, Notability has proven its success to note takers over the years. Success of users to be able to record voice notes and in a way that other apps cannot to synchronize handwriting with notes. We can say the debtor. Of course, it owes this success to many useful and practical features besides recording sound.

Quite in note taking and filing to a simplified interface Notability attributes most of its users to itself thanks to this simplicity. Although the organizational options are limiting for most users compared to its competitor GoodNotes, it has quite a lot of users who love this style.

You can create digital notes from scratch, as well as take notes on the files you import into the application. By splitting the screen in half, you can work on both documents. In addition, Notability recognizes your handwriting and can convert to text or scan your documents you can import it. It also offers many options for exporting and sharing your files, including Notability Google Drive, Dropbox, and AirDrop.

Automatic to avoid losing your notes backup You can do. You can use cloud storage services or backup by changing the backup destination. Backup in different formats is available. In addition to documents, there are options for backing up audio files. Once you buy Notability, a paid app, you can use it on all your iOS devices. If you want to keep your notes on the iPad, it’s definitely worth the price you pay.

goodnotes 5

  • Fee: 74,99 TL (February 2021)

GoodNotes 5 has everything you want to take and organize your notes. The interface of the application to folder system based on. In this way, you can organize and find your documents easily. Also, within the application, there are many ready page (such as lined, checkered, planner, music notebook) and fun notebook covers available. By selecting the page for your note taking purpose, you can start taking notes directly on it.

GoodNotes 5 combines the precision and precision of the pen to match your writing style. palm recognition allows you to set. Figure pen Thanks to it, you can create perfect circles, rectangles. Two documents at the same time yan yana you can take a note by opening it. GoodNotes 5 recognizes your handwriting. So that your handwriting can convert to text Or you can search your notes.

You can add photos to your notes and resize or crop them. Next to the rectangle cropping option. free cropping feature also available. With this feature, you can use only the part you want from the pictures in your notes. GoodNotes 5 is a tool that allows you to turn your iPad into a digital whiteboard. “Presentation Mode” contains. Using AirPlay or an HDMI cable, you can mirror what you type on a larger screen while still seeing the GoodNotes interface on your iPad.

Automatic thanks to backup You can back up to cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. Thus, in case you lose your notes, you can protect your documents by importing them without backing up. You can use GoodNotes 5 on your Apple devices when you make a one-time payment. Sharing options are also quite a lot. For example, you can send your notes to the drive or share them via e-mail. Before sharing, you can change the format of the document to pdf, picture or goodnotes format.

microsoft onenote

  • Free (If you have a Microsoft account) (February 2021)

Microsoft OneNote is a popular notes application suitable for all devices. One of its biggest advantages compared to Notability and GoodNotes 5 free to be. OneNote is very useful in that it allows you to organize your notes, in addition to maintaining a presence on every major platform.

OneNote for iPad offers a variety of multimedia features. You can write text, add graphics, and even add audio recordings. You can also search for notes for specific words and view your notes across devices. Additionally, anything you create in OneNote automatically backed up to OneDrive.

You can share your notes as pdf or invite other OneNote users to view and edit them. When sharing files password setting feature well thought out. If you are already using Microsoft applications, OneNote will be easily integrated into your workflow.

  • Microsoft OneNoteİNDİR

  • Microsoft OneNoteİNDİR


  • Fee: Simple version is free, full version is 74,99 TL (February 2021)

Nebo’nun handwriting recognition feature is designed to make it easy to translate your handwriting into text. It has a number of productivity shortcuts (strikeout, scribble, underline, etc.) that make it easy for you to organize and structure your notes. You can use the free version or you can purchase the paid full package after downloading the application.

Turkish language option Also, Nebo improves your writing experience based on how you use your palm. In the free version, you can create pages for taking notes. You can upgrade to the paid version to import documents. It will also charge a fee for exporting your documents.


  • FreePremium plan for 10.49 TL per month or 69.99 TL per year (February 2021)

For those who want to take notes on both iOS and Android operating systems on both platforms It provides easy synchronization between your Evernote notes. You can add various options such as picture, link, audio file, table, drawing and check box to the notes you create. In particular, we can say that the document scanning option is very successful.

It allows you to upload 60MB per month on the free plan and use 2 devices synchronously. Also note that the free version is limited to 25MB per note. However, if you switch to a premium account, you can access unlimited device, 10 GB per month upload and 200 MB per note.


  • Fee: 89,99 TL (February 2021)

If you speak or write multiple languages, Noteshelf Recognizing handwriting in 65 different languages It will be very useful for you. Annotate PDFs and with split screen of iPad multitasking It has many features that we love about Notability, including the option. You can also record voice memos in your documents for use with your handwritten notes.

Noteshelf’s simplified interface offers you a streamlined experience. The application does not clutter your workspace with unnecessary menu options or selection tools. Instead, it provides as much white space as possible to have your own space. Also your article your fluency and naturalness you will feel in this application.

Finally, Noteshelf allows you to export your notes to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Evernote. Export to Evernote option is visibly missing from Notability, making Noteshelf our top pick for serious Evernote users.