Best Pocket Translators in 2020

Has this ever happened to you? You are far away from home, sitting in the restaurant after an eventful day and looking forward to your well-deserved dinner. But it doesn’t really work with ordering, because unfortunately you can no longer advance with English. The remedy is to bring Travis Touch. The small pocket translator “speaks” 105 languages ​​and helps when you can’t get anywhere with your hands and feet. We tested the small pocket translator extensively on our travels.

Those who go on a business trip or on vacation sometimes have problems if the national language is not understood and spoken. The destination cannot always be explained to the taxi driver. It is not easy to order in the restaurant in the local language. Even the question of the right way is difficult if there is no language skills. In this case, electronic translators can be helpful. These are compact devices that are equipped with a screen and a keyboard. After entering the words manually, the small computers translate into the desired language. The devices often have a large vocabulary. Better models also recognize grammatical peculiarities. However, most pocket translators have some difficulties with longer word passages. Colloquial phrases are not always translated correctly.

Key functions of pocket translators
Pocket translators should be so light and compact that they can fit into smaller pockets. Future users are recommended to use a device that is characterized by its low weight. Models with a colored screen are particularly popular. The best translators have a touchscreen, which can lead to greater ease of use. The speech computers use integrated dictionaries to carry out a translation. It is therefore advantageous if the books contain several languages. Models that understand languages ​​such as English, German, French or Italian are particularly popular because they are not only easy to use in Europe. There are also variants that can also translate languages ​​such as Portuguese, Dutch or even Chinese Mandarin. Better models have slots in which memory cards can be integrated. So the pocket translator can be equipped with language extensions. The range of functions is expanded by the integration of SD or micro SD cards. Own texts can often be loaded onto the device so that a complete translation can be carried out.

Additional functions of translators
Some pocket translators have an automatic check that analyzes and corrects spelling. An audio output of the translated content can be helpful for learning languages. The words are spoken at the push of a button, allowing users to learn how to emphasize words and sentences correctly. Better models also have a phonetic transcription. When the user speaks into the microphone of the pocket translator, the word is recorded and translated into the desired language. Additional functions that some pocket translators have are helpful during long journeys. Some models also have a calculator for converting dimensions. Currency converters increase ease of use. Some pocket translators can even be used as MP3 players, so you can enjoy your favorite music while traveling.

Best Pocket Translators in 2020