Beta phase completed: Talk app Clubhouse lifts entry hurdle

The talk app Clubhouse, which had its big moment in the corona pandemic, opens for everyone after more than a year. Previously, you had to be invited by a user. Clubhouse is an audio app where you can listen to live conversations and also actively participate in discussions.

In the pandemic, hype developed around the application, which according to market researchers has subsided. Clubhouse stopped at the Removal of restrictions on membership on Wednesday, however, ten million users have been added since the start of the Android version in May. Before that, the app was only available on Apple’s iPhones.

Facebook and Twitter launched their talk apps with related concepts in the past few months. In May of this year, Twitter launched a clubhouse clone and introduced its own discussion panels for its users. Clubhouse is convinced that it can hold its own against the overwhelming competition.

Clubhouse, for example, refers to its chat function called “Backchannel”, which was introduced last week. According to the company, this already recorded over 90 million direct messages in the first week – 10 million on the first day alone. (with material from dpa) /

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