betterCode () Java 17: Online conference helps with migration to the new LTS release


The early bird discount phase for the online conference is only valid up to and including August 24th betterCode() Java 17. This means that interested parties can still save 50 euros (all prices plus VAT) on the later applicable price of 199 euros. The from heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag The event will take place on September 14, 2021, the day Java 17 is slated to be released.

Almost three years have passed since the last LTS (Long-Term Support) release of the programming platform. The next major Java version with LTS status is now Java 17. The new release will be the reference for secure Java development for the near future. The innovations that have been added since Java 11 are intended to ensure that Java continues to be up-to-date and one of the most popular programming languages ​​- despite the great competition.

That Conference program offers a deep insight into the innovations and wants to offer valuable help for a future Java corporate strategy or when migrating from Java systems that are already or will soon be out of date. The latter is particularly relevant because Java 8 and Java 9 are still being used, but in some cases they are no longer supported at all or will soon no longer be supported, or will only be supported with expensive support services.

That is why there will be lectures on the innovations of Java 17, the OpenJDK, different Java distributions and the Java ecosystem, migration scenarios, but above all in so-called deep dives, an in-depth treatment of the most important features that have been added since Java 11, so that participants can participate get a clear understanding of what modern Java brings you.

In the evening there will also be the CyberLand Release Party. In this context, the LTS release will be celebrated and the most interesting innovations will be highlighted again. For this purpose, interlocutors from the Java and OpenJDK environment are invited and viewers can win something in quizzes / games. You can take part in the CyberLand Release Party for free.

Speakers at the conference, which spanned the day, such as Wolfgang Weigend, Hendrik Ebbers, Falk Sippach, Sandra Gerberding, Gunnar Morling, Benjamin Schmid and Martijn Verburg are known in the German-speaking Java community and also work at the JavaLand conference, probably the largest and most important German Java conference.

The conference is available until August 23 at the early bird rate for 149 euros (all prices plus VAT), and there will be an additional on October 8 full day workshop in which the well-known author Michael Inden sheds light on the innovations in a practical way. The online workshop costs 449 euros. If you want to participate in a team, you can also benefit from group discounts on request.


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