Beyond Good & Evil Becomes Netflix Movie


Rob Letterman, the director of Detective Pikaçu, rolled up his sleeves to make the popular game series Beyond Good & Evil a movie to be released on Netflix screens. The production will be hybrid of real images with animation.

One of the surprise productions last summer Detective Pikaçu She had been. Directing the film Rob Letterman’s The way animation and the real world were built together was generally liked.

Letterman is now one of the remarkable productions of Ubisoft Beyond Good & It will turn Evil into a movie to air on Netflix screens. The movie is currently under early production, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Back to the Beyond Good & Evil world

beyond good and evil

According to reports, there is not much for the production of the movie yet. at an early stage We are. Although the name of Rob Letterman will be included in the project finalized although there are many shortcomings in the remaining areas. Ubisoft Film & TelevisionJason Altman and Margaret Boykin will also produce the series. The search for screenwriters continues.


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Beyond Good & Evilwas telling the story of our lead character Jade, a journalist / warrior who was trying to uncover his alien conspiracy and almost avoids knot. We used to solve puzzles, fight, and most importantly gather evidence using Jade or his friends in the game.

Actually a trilogy The game, which was designed as the first production, received full marks from critics and was nominated for the game of the year. Economically unsuccessful preventing the game from continuing.

Interesting timing for the movie

beyond good and evil


Ubisoft’s sexual harassment and racism issues are getting deeper and deeper

Fans of the game, Since 2007 this sideways Ubisoft making an official statement on the issue, although a Beyond Good & Evil 2 is waiting 2017 had found the year. Since then, much information has been shared about the development of the game.

The team that made the first game in late 2019, $ 12 million It was moved to an ultra modern facility. Thanks to the possibilities of this new studio, it was stated that the team making the game would work more comfortably. Netflix nobody will be surprised if the movie comes to the screens just before the new game announcement.

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