“Bild” is planning its own TV station with a daily live program

Germany’s largest tabloid “Bild” is planning its own television station. The media group Axel Springer announced on Monday in Berlin that the station should be receivable under the BILD brand via cable and satellite, among other things, before the federal elections in autumn. The start of broadcasting is still subject to the media regulators granting a broadcast license. The TV station should be freely receivable. The media company has been expanding its video strategy for a long time.

According to a company spokesman, the plan is to offer a 24-hour program. The core of it all: a live program of up to six hours a day, starting in the morning. The program should be expanded with documentaries, reports and other formats. The television station is supposed to cover the areas of politics, sport, crime and celebrities. Service issues are also to come. In the event of important news, the program should be interrupted with live formats.

If Springer receives the broadcast license, it would be the third television station in the group. The WELT and N24Doku channels already exist. The live program of the planned TV station BILD should according to the information can be seen at the same time at N24 Doku. WELT remains independent with its live program.

Springer announced in autumn 2019 that it would invest millions in projects for its “Bild” and “Welt” brands. At that time it was said: In the three following years, a total of more than 100 million euros are to flow primarily into a live video strategy by “Bild”. One of these live formats on the net is a political talk show on Sunday evening. In addition, there have been live broadcasts for hours on end for the Prime Minister’s Conferences with the Chancellor on Corona for some time. The presidential election in the USA was also accompanied by a long live broadcast.

For the broadcasts, the Axel Springer publishing group also wants to use the TV studio rooms that have been built in the large new building at the headquarters in Berlin. The group wants to bundle the television activities for all three channels in a new TV unit in WeltN24 GmbH. The department then takes care of the technical broadcasting operations, broadcasting planning or the purchasing of programs for license formats. The live section of the new station is again in the hands of the “Bild” editorial team.

According to the company, Claus Strunz will be BILD’s program director. He is also managing director of the TV / Video division at Springer and a member of the “Bild” editorial team. Together with Frank Hoffmann, he is also the managing director of Welt N24 GmbH. Hoffmann is chairman of the TV unit there.


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