Bill Gates’ Land Claim in Thrace Confuses the Region

The issue of Bill Gates buying land from Thrace, which was voiced within the scope of the claim recently, led to the start of opportunism in the region. The locals started to market their lands on the pretext of “You will be neighbors to Bill Gates.”

There has been a development that will change the course of the agenda in Turkey in the past few days. According to the claim of Yeniçağ Newspaper, the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, In the Thrace Region thousands of acres he bought land. This issue has become such a big agenda that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry made a statement about the issue. explained that it doesn’t reflect the truth.

However, these explanations did not calm the opportunists. City planner making statements on the subject Namik Kemal DölenekenAccording to him, this situation began to be exploited. Some opportunists are citizens of the Thrace Region, especially those living abroad. fooling, “You will be neighbor to Bill GatesThey started to sell land at high prices with excuses such as “.

Sellers are in Turkey, those who want to sell abroad

Thrace Region

Namık Kemal Döleneken said that the people trying to sell the land in question are from Turkey, and their targets are expatriates says it is. Speaking about an incident he witnessed, the city planner states that messages were sent to expatriate citizens and that deeds were even included in these messages. Of parcels Starting from 8.000 euro Stating that they are put up for sale, Döleneken emphasizes that people also buy these plots. However, the size of sales made through Bill Gates is currently unknown.


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According to Döleneken, Trakya is a place that always receives investment. However, the city planner, who declared that the region was made even more interesting with the use of names such as Bill Gates, revitalization of the real estate market He expresses that he was targeted and that this goal was achieved, albeit partially. Meanwhile, according to Döleneken, big investors do not want to be heard about their investments. they don’t want.


Trakya Public Real Estate Consultants Association Edirne Branch President Aytac Feda In the statements made by, it was stated that citizens should not heed such claims. Saying that it is not a good thing to sell the land to foreign investors, Aytaç Feda said that these investments will be re-marketed to Turkey after many years, against us that you can use reminded me.

On the other hand, it should be made clear that the Bill Gates claim is not the first in history. For example, years ago Brad Pitt ve Angelina JolieIt was stated that ‘had bought a huge land in Urla. Even the world famous football player who heard this Cristiano Ronaldo also took action, bought a house from a place close to the players’ mansion. These claims are never could not be verified However, real estate prices in Urla almost doubled after these rumors.

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