Binance’s Cryptocurrency BNB Exceeds $ 500

Binance’s own crypto currency, BNB, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has almost doubled its value in the last one and a half years. BNB price exceeded $ 500, breaking the all-time record.

The cryptocurrency market is getting more crowded every day and almost every week a new crypto currency or DeFi product is on the market. A small portion of these cryptocurrencies provide very serious increases and give their users the opportunity to make a serious profit.

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, also its own cryptocurrency BNB had offered to the service of its users. Attracting great attention, BNB has become a favorite of platform users. This led to a dramatic increase in BNB prices.

1000 times in 1.5 years



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One of the most profitable crypto coins of the last period Binance Coin (BNB) continues to rise. BNB, which made a significant breakthrough at the beginning of April, managed to find itself a place in the portfolio of almost every investor, especially with the advantage it provides in use within the platform.

Binance Coin bugün Exceeding $ 500 managed to identify a new ath (all time high). BNB, which went on sale at a very low point, was trading at $ 263 on March 29. It has increased by 82% since then and by 53% in the last 7 days. The increase of BNB in ​​the last year was 3485%, which means its value has increased approximately 350 times.


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Moreover, BNB’s journey may not be limited to this. For BNB founder CZ, by posting a post on Twitter account recently, “When you burn coins, you remove them from circulation forever. It increases the value of the remaining coins.

BNB burn in a few days!

It is not investment advice! ”

he used the expressions. Consequently, if the market is not pricing this possibility at the moment, After the coin burning prices may increase even more. As a result, according to basic business approaches, if the supply decreases while the demand is the same, that is, if the demand does not decrease while a good decreases, the price increases, just like the graphics cards. Of course this too investment advice is not.

Let’s see what kind of a change BNB will show us in the coming days.