Bing: Microsoft marks coronavirus cases on an overview map

Microsoft has created an interactive overview map that lists all known cases of Covid 19 diseases worldwide. The website is distributed via the domain of the Bing search engine. According to the overview, more than 183,000 people worldwide have now contracted the Sars-Cov2 coronavirus. In Europe, Italy, Spain and Germany are most affected. According to the Bing overview, around 7,600 cases are recorded in Germany.

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The data and figures are taken from several sources, including the CDC (Centers for Desease Control), WHO (World Health Organization) and ECDC (Euopean Centers for Desease Control). The Wikipedia encyclopedia is also mentioned as a source. Data is updated at regular intervals. The overview map enables detailed views of various infection zones. When you click on Germany, the reported cases are broken down again. Users find out how many people have been cured and how many deaths there are.

News about Covid 19 at a glance

Taking Germany as an example, that would be 67 people who are healthy again. 17 infected people died. In the country of origin, China, according to the Bing overview, the majority of those infected have already been cured, and 3,226 people have died of the disease. Microsft also displays an overview of current news on the topic. Users can click on these articles and read them on the respective publications. Videos are also displayed.

In addition to the European Union, Asia, Arab countries and North America, Africa, Australia and South America are also affected. There is hardly a country on the overview map that has so far been spared the corona virus.

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