BiSU Announces Fast Delivery Service BiRi

BiSU, which experienced a serious increase in the number of orders during the pandemic period, has entered a new period in ordering carboy water. The startup, which started the BiRi service in Kadıköy, Istanbul, started the fast delivery period just like in food ordering applications.

BiSU, which has solved the water order problem of those who stay at home during the pandemic period, has launched a new service called BiRi as of June 1 in Istanbul, Kadıköy. All orders placed 7 days a week and until 00:00 at night customers within 30 minutes. it will be delivered.

Users will be able to see many water and beverage brands on the BiRi screen, add the options they want to their baskets and place an order. In addition, as with BiSU’s standard orders, BiRi orders are also delivery time and date possible to customize.

4 warehouses were opened in Kadıköy, the fast water delivery period started via the BiRi service in the BiSU application:

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Serving more than 50 water brands to a total of 1 million households since its establishment in 2015, BiSU has switched to the fast order model with its new service, BiRi. With this model, for now, service is provided only from the warehouses opened in Istanbul, Kadıköy. However, in the following months, BiSU aims to expand its service network by opening warehouses in different cities and districts of these cities. So much so that the primary target of BiRi is in Istanbul. Reaching 100 warehouses and employing 1000 people.

In addition, BiRi serves not only water but also beverages. BiSU co-founder Ergin Üner, after carboy water, as in BiSU carbonated and hot beverage services also stated that they aim to realize it through the BiRi service.

According to Webrazzi, you can order BiSU, which has a valuation of $ 50 million, by downloading it from the links below: