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Microsoft and Lenovo are already releasing the second generations of their Ryzen business notebooks Surface Laptop 4 and ThinkPad T14 / X13. HP, Asus, Acer and now also Dell rely on the powerful AMD Ryzen, which offers up to 8 cores in the 15-watt processor class “U”. Intel’s Tiger Like alias Core i of the eleventh generation has particularly strong cores, but only half as many.

While notebooks with AMD processors were more in the competitive price range until a few years ago and therefore did not get the best displays, keyboards and batteries, there is now at least a tie. The c’t editors Florian Müssig and Christof Windeck discuss what this means for notebook buyers, but also for AMD and Intel, in the eighth edition of “Bit-Rauschen: The processor podcast from c’t”.

Podcast bit noise, episode 2021/08 :

Issue column bit noise from c’t 10/2021: Lots of CPU news and wrong ways to digital sovereignty

AMD, ARM, Intel and Nvidia present news. The US government is pumping money into chip manufacturing; there is criticism of the EU concept for local production.

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