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At the beginning of the year, AMD brought out the “U” and “H” mobile versions of the Ryzen 5000, later followed by the Ryzen Threadripper Pro for workstations and, above all, the third generation of Epyc processors for servers (Epyc 7003 Milan). Intel has presented the Core i-11000 aka Rocket Lake and finally the first Xeons with 10 nanometer technology (Ice Lake) and PCI Express 4.0.

How do the new chips change the situation in the eternal competition between AMD and Intel? What will 2021 bring in this regard? The c’t editors Christian Hirsch and Christof Windeck talk about this in the 2021/7 issue of “Bit-Noise: The processor podcast from c’t”.

Podcast bit noise, episode 2021/07 :

Issue column bit noise from c’t 9/2021: New contract manufacturer Intel, memory is even more expensive

Intel wants to expand its own production vigorously and open its factories to other customers. The growing gap between supply and demand is exacerbating the existing chip shortage and driving prices up further.

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