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In the third edition 2021/03 of “Bit-Rauschen: The processor podcast from c’t” Christof Windeck talks to Christian Hirsch about the instruction set extensions of modern processors. More than 20 years ago, AMD and Intel brought the multimedia extensions MMX, from which the Streaming SIMD Extensions SSE and later Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) developed over the years. Intel processors with AVX-512 have been around for a long time, but on the one hand the AMD Ryzens are strong even without AVX-512 and on the other hand Intel wants to do without AVX-512 in upcoming “Alder Lake” processors. Instead, Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) are used.

You ask yourself: What do all these expansions bring? We’ll shed more light on this in the podcast.

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Episode 2021/03:

The magazine column bit noise from c’t 5/2021: Intel brings developers back and breaks away from AVX-512

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