Bitcoin Breaks A New Record By Exceeding The $ 30K Barrage

The crypto currency Bitcoin, which was on the rise in the last months of 2020, broke a new record, exceeding $ 30 thousand. Bitcoin has tripled in value since September.

Bitcoin’s rise continues unabated in the early days of 2021. Bitcoin, which broke record after record with its rising graphic in recent days, today 30 thousand dollars exceeded the highest level in its history. Bitcoin’s value as of the moment we write the article $ 31,758. (There is a very rapid increase, the full value may not hold)

Another year in which Bitcoin displayed a similar bullish trend was 2017. After breaking a record with $ 19K in December 2017 in serious decline and Bitcoin, which has experienced great fluctuations, once again on November 24, 2020 for the first time after 3 years. Exceeded 19 thousand dollars.

1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 234 thousand 463 TL:


When we start talking about the value of Bitcoin in TL, the numbers reach much different dimensions. Value in TL only three days ago 204 thousand 736 TLThe value of Bitcoin, which corresponds to, is currently 234 thousand 463 TLcoincides with.

Bitcoin has tripled in value since September with this surge. Bitcoin, which closed September with a chart of $ 10 thousand, has a value in four months. triple has taken off. Except for Bitcoin tech enthusiasts and speculators, according to a note shared by Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Mike McGlone last month. global portfolio investors and started to attract more attention.


The jaw-dropping fortunes of the world’s largest bitcoin rich

But worth living strong ripples and due to the monopoly of central banks to issue money, it is thought that Bitcoin cannot be used as a more common currency for a long time. Still, Bitcoin is widely viewed as a good investment tool.

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