Bitcoin Drops To 6-Month Low


In the recent wave of decline in Bitcoin and crypto markets, an important threshold has been reached. Bitcoin, which fell below $ 34 thousand in the evening, saw the lowest level in the last 6 months.

Bitcoin, which broke a historical record with the level of 69 thousand dollars in November, has recently gone into a big decline. Bitcoin, which hovered around $ 42 – 43 thousand for a while, recently fell to $ 38 thousand, reaching the lowest value since August.

This evening, there was an important development on the Bitcoin front. In the ongoing decline graph in the crypto market, Bitcoin, falling below the $34,000 level It reached the lowest value since July.

‘It may take time to rise’

bitcoin drop

In a news we shared in the past days, we conveyed to you what the reasons for this general decline graph in the crypto market could be. Although there are many reasons behind the decline, Vijay Ayyar, an important name in the industry and a member of Luna’s team, told CNBC. “Bitcoin and cryptos react very strongly to market developments due to the nature of the asset. Probably given the current sensitivity We will test 30-32 thousand he said.


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Ayyar also related to the subject “Given the lack of confidence, it may take some time for the market to bounce back said. This means that investors will not get good news for a while.