Bitcoin mining has overtaken the whole system at Sakarya University

At Sakarya University where 90 thousand students were enrolled, students complained about the slowness and malfunctioning of the system, which controlled the course notes and information e-mails for 3 months.

After the research on these complaints, the crypto money mining

According to a report in the newspaper Habertürk, besides the university's main server for crypto money mining, a large number of laboratories and computers in public areas were also included in the system.

Sakarya University authorities have not yet made a statement on the subject

It has been reported that many of the students who had already taken the distance education exam were faced with many problems, such as the examination being in the air, and these problems were evaluated as a cyber attack [19659]. 006] Power supply malfunctioned in Teknokent

Meanwhile, it was suggested that a company in Sakarya University's Teknokent had made a long-term crypto money mining operation and that the uninterruptible power supply for the Teknokent companies was malfunctioning [19659002