Bitcoin Mining Started at Hydroelectric Power Plant

A hydroelectric power station operating in the USA since 1897 has undergone an interesting change in the service they run. Located in the Mechanicville area of ​​New York, the power plant started mining Bitcoin with some of the electricity it produced.

Mechanicville Hydroelectric Power Plant, which has been operating in the US state of New York since 1897, for 100 years It opened a new door of income for itself in the electricity generation sector, which it continues. The power plant uses some of the electricity it produces. Bitcoin mining started doing it.

The owner of the plant, Jim Besha, CEO of Albany Engineering, said about the facility, “We think this is the world’s oldest still operating renewable energy plant.”, saying that the income of the facility from Bitcoin mining is due to selling electricity to the National Grid. more profitable He said he started mining thinking it might be possible.

According to the company, mining is much more profitable than selling electricity:

bitcoin mining

By selling energy to National Grid per kilowatt hour 3 cent Besha, CEO of the winning company, said that Bitcoin mining triple the gain states it provides. Underlining that the mining they are currently doing is in the experimental stage, Besha stated that they sold some of the coins they produced due to the volatility in the crypto money market.


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Bitcoin mining is a process that requires a lot of energy and a lot of powerful equipment. However, this energy renewable from sources As long as it is obtained, production becomes quite profitable. CEO Besha also said that mining Bitcoin with renewable energy is for mining. best method emphasizes that.

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