Bitcoin Scam Caught on Twitter

A person named Graham Ivan Clark, 17, who is thought to be the brain of scammers sharing Bitcoin through big followers like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, was caught on Twitter.

We’ve seen a Bitcoin scam that was held on Twitter in the past few weeks and targeted large followers. Elon muskScams that take over very high-profile Twitter accounts like, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Apple, $ 1000 here Bitcoin to They said they would pay 2000 dollars back. People also sent Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that could not be followed, thinking that the accounts that made this sharing were very rich.

After this incident, the police started to look for the officers and eventually the first detention took place. 17-year-old living in Tampa, Florida Graham Ivan Clark on the grounds that the Bitcoin attack on Twitter is the brain custody receipt.

There are 30 different charges

At this point for Clark 30 different charges there is. While 17 of them were communication frauds, 10 of them were personal data frauds, there were also 1 organized fraud, 1 unauthorized access to electronic devices and 1 personal data fraud up to $ 100 thousand.

FBI and how Clark, who was found as a result of investigations by the US Department of Justice, was not yet known, but according to the statements, all attacks were carried out from the city of Tampa. Thanks to the security forces after Clark’s arrest twitterOn the day of the attack, he had to take measures that we had not seen before.


Twitter Announces What Information Revealed in the Latest Attack

The US Department of Justice said two more people were charged with the attacks. These names are from the UK Mason sheppard and from Florida Nima Fazeli it was announced. Clark will face 30 grave crimes, including organized fraud, identity theft, and hacking. Let’s say that he can be tried as an adult in accordance with the law in Florida.

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