Bitcoin, Theoretically Maximum How Much Can Be?

Bitcoin, Theoretically Maximum How Much Can Be?

For what purpose Bitcoin has been created has recently become one of the topics discussed by the crypto-money sector. While many authorities claim that Satoshi Nakomoto actually aims to radically change the financial structure rather than a method of transferring money from person to person, various evidence and opinions are actually confirmed.

. Bit Bitcoin is the most difficult money ever to emerge in human history co said Kling, who first joined the idea of ​​Dan Held, former product development manager at Kling, while giving various figures, also made inferences about the price performance of Bitcoin in the coming period.

The experienced manager stated that the total nominal money supply amounted to approximately 20 trillion dollars; again, the gold which draws as much attention as the nominal money, the total circulation value is equivalent to 8 trillion dollars passed. At this point, the total value of Bitcoinıns $ 60 billion is very small, stating that King;

According to this theoretical calculation made by Kling, if Bitcoin manages to occupy the volume of all gold and titan money in the future, a value of $ 1.5 million per BTC is revealed.

So in fact, if everything goes as in this theory, and Bitcoin is the only valid currency, then the price of BTC will be $ 1.5 million, but this scenario is, of course, not realistic.

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