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Bitcoins stolen from Binance became the subject of a new fraud

The world's largest crypto money exchange, Binance, was attacked on May 7 and hackers stole 7074 Bitcoins.

According to a scam by a Reddit user, the so-called hackers who hacked Binance have sold 7000 BTC with a 70 percent discount on a website called

On the website, 3 BTCs were issued for 20 ETH and 0.2 BTC for 2 ETHs. For Bitcoins, the Bitcoin address is requested, followed by the address of the scammers to send the ETH to.

Unfortunately, some have fallen into the trap. The ETH address of the scammers has received 6.64 ETH for $ 1568 over the past few days.

The scammers' ETH address

These types of frauds are frequently seen in the crypto money field. Scammers are targeting novices especially with these methods.

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