Bitkom President speaks out in favor of the Digital Ministry


With a view to a new federal government after the general election at the end of September, the President of the Bitkom IT association, Achim Berg, has spoken out in favor of a digital ministry. The current distribution of digital policy responsibilities to various federal ministries must be ended, he said Handelsblatt.

“This requires a strong department of its own that is fully committed to digitization and directs and coordinates the relevant activities of the federal government.” That can only be done if the digital ministry is given comprehensive rights and resources. “A strong, competent and decisive personality” is needed at the head of the department.

In his opinion, a new ministry should then “take full lead” in key digital policy projects. Among other things, a “digital reservation” is necessary for this. “Analogous to the financial reservation, political projects must be checked for their digitization effect and adjusted if necessary,” said Berg.

The digital ministry should also be responsible for broadband expansion, the digitization of public administration, innovative technology projects and the management of the digital cabinet.


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