Black Ops 4's New Operation Arrives First Trailer

Black Ops 4, which meets players at the end of 2018, continues to keep players in online modes with operations released in turn. Check out the news for a 40-second trailer of a new operation, Strike From The Shadows. It took about 40 seconds to excite Black Ops fans.


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After the release of the Black Ops 4, Activision does not present its fourth operation to the players and continues to be interested in online gaming modes. Strike From The Shadows, which will meet players in the 40-second short fragment of the operation, the main focus is C4. We don't know what this means for the time being, but all the question marks will be resolved when the operation is presented to the players.

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Call of Duty's official Twitter account, Strike From The Shadows, is available on the link below. You can follow us to be notified of developments in the new operation.


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