Blender: Microsoft integrates banner ads into its streaming platform

Microsoft will broadcast Mixer advertising on its streaming platform in the future. Report the developers in Level-Up Castwho discusses news about the service. This strategy has always been a plan, writes the tech magazine The Verge, The first banners have already been broadcast.

Job market

  1. Lidl Service GmbH & Co. KG, Neckarsulm
  2. CONITAS GmbH, Karlsruhe

The presenter of the level-up-cast Rothamel comments on the introduction of advertising: "I understand that ads are not the funniest thing to do." However, it adds: "The site is free, you see content for free and you support partners." It seems that Microsoft is still working on a proper integration of the system. In all likelihood, the streamer will receive some of the advertising revenue even then.

Money goes only to Microsoft

So far, only Microsoft has something of the profit from advertising. It is shown in front of the contents of streamers. But these probably have no financial benefit. A well-known mixer streamer is Ninja, which has a business relationship with Microsoft and was hired by the competitor and Amazon service Twitch. The Fortnite player received 650,000 subscribers in the first month. For Microsoft, those are potential consumers who are looking at advertising.

On the long-established Twitch platform, ads are one of the key ways for members to make money. Mixer continues to approach the competition. In general, Microsoft is exploring several ways to monetize the platform. "We're constantly testing and researching new features and monetization options for Mixer Content Creators"says Microsoft spokesman The Verge. At present, however, could not talk about it.