Blockchain Sharing from CB Digital Transformation Office


The Presidential Office of Digital Transformation posted a post showing what the frequently heard terms about blockchain technology mean. In the post, the meanings of the terms such as ‘Crypto Mining’ and ‘Crypto Wallet’ were explained.

Recently of cryptocurrencies We all know that it has become quite popular. The fact that Bitcoin’s price has increased about 3 times in the last three months plays a big role in this popularity. However, behind all these cryptocurrencies, it is used in many different areas from sports to arts and certification processes. blockchain technology.

A digital notebook Working like blockchain software, it can be used to track all kinds of data. For this reason, the interest of companies and governments in technology has been increasing. In this context Digital Conversion Office of the President of Republic of TurkeyHe posted a post where he explained what terms we hear about blockchain meant often.

What do the terms we hear about blockchain mean?

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