Bloodsucking Leech Out of TikTok Phenomenon’s Socks


A TikTok phenomenon shared the moments when a bloodsucking leech came out of his socks with his followers. The video, in which the young woman screamed, went viral in a short time.

He has 45,000 followers on TikTok, who often shares videos that will disturb those with bug and spider phobias. zoenesquik A video shared by the account named went viral in a short time. In the video, which has been watched millions of times, Zoe has a leg sticking to her leg. spotting the bloodsucking leech and he does not neglect to record these moments.

Looking under his socks after the pain he felt in his leg and noticing a bleeding When Zoe looks a little more carefully, not knowing what to expect, she encounters a sight that no one would want to see. A bloodsucking leech has stuck to Zoe’s leg, and judging by the size of the leech, this rare creature it’s been there for a while.

TikTok profile is full of bugs of all kinds:

TikTok Zoenesquik leech video

Zoe, who lives in Australia and often reflects this aspect of the land, which is famous for its various poisonous insects and strange creatures with the videos she shares, is quite afraid and panicked when she sees the leech on her leg. However, if Zoe’s TikTok, which continues to share a lot of bugs on her profile despite everything, If you have an insect or spider phobia, we recommend that you do not visit.


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A scream and panic-filled video of Zoe encountering a leech in one day on TikTok Over 16 million views. The number of likes of the account on which this video, which went viral in a short time, was shared. more than 4 million. If you wish this disturbing video here click to watch.

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