Bloomreach expands platform through takeover – eCommerce Magazin

By combining the solutions from Bloomreach and Exponea, companies can operate much more efficiently, one high-performance customer experience create, personalize and optimize these across channels. They can also increase their sales – both in B2C and B2B markets. To further grow his Digital Experience Platform for Commerce To drive forward, Bloomreach also has a $ 150 million investment through Sixth Street Growth receive.

1: 1 personalization of the customer experience

Many other providers lack the relevant data to personalize the customer experience, so that companies often still have to work manually – and above all have to work with many different individual solutions. Thanks to the combination of the Bloomreach and Exponea solutions, this is no longer necessary.

The two companies offer the only platform for customer experience in e-commerce that analyzes all customer and product data and for AI-based real-time recommendations and activities. This improves both customer loyalty and sales. Exponea is also an expert in consumer data, privacy and security. Potential and existing customers can thus securely access their data.

Customer Experience Bloomreach
The combination of the Bloomreach and Exponea solutions generates a fully integrated product and customer record.

Recommend the right products to customers

“Enthusiastic customer experiences in e-commerce arise from the fact that customers receive exactly the right product at the right time on the right channel. However, this requires a deep understanding of products and buyers – which was previously not possible. The merger positions Bloomreach as the market-leading commerce experience platform in a multi-billion dollar market. This makes our solution so far unique and acts as an interface between marketing, commerce and AI, ”explains Raj de Datta, CEO of Bloomreach.

“There are many powerful synergies that we would like to make available to our customers. Both Bloomreach and Exponea are leaders in their respective business areas and focus on different aspects of the customer experience and customer journey. Together we are the only providers who bring together holistic data, expertise and intentionality in such a way that brands and retailers better understand how they have to interact with their customers. So I can’t wait to see how users benefit from these advantages, ”adds Peter Irikovsky, CEO of Exponea.

Customer experience – more and more important for German companies

The merger of the two companies also has only advantages for the German market. “In Germany, we are seeing that companies are investing much more frequently in the customer experience. The use of artificial intelligence in combination with customer and product data is decisive today for the success of B2C and B2B commerce companies ”, says Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, Executive Vice President EMEA at Bloomreach.

“For this reason I am very happy about this acquisition. For the first time, marketers have the opportunity to design and run personalized campaigns seamlessly across all channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, email, mobile apps and online presences. This is the only way to create customer-centered trade – with messages and product recommendations tailored to the customer that fit their needs. ”

New investment supports growth of Bloomreach

In addition, Bloomreach has received a $ 150 million investment from Sixth Street Growth to fuel its growth and support the Exponea acquisition. “We are impressed by the leadership teams at Bloomreach and Exponea,” said Michael McGinn, partner at Sixth Street and co-head of Sixth Street Growth, about the investment.

“We look forward to working with you as you continue to develop and promote your market-leading platform. The need for technologies for tailor-made customer experiences on the market is growing very quickly. We are therefore very happy to support Bloomreach in expanding its position as a leading provider in the field of commerce and marketing, ”continues McGinn. Benjamin Johnston, Managing Director at Sixth Street Growth, will also join Bloomreach’s board of directors. (sg)

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