Blu-ray player: Samsung repairs devices affected by the boot loop

Samsung repairs broken Blu-ray players: The South Korean company has apparently found a solution for the devices that no longer work properly. He wants to fix the problem. However, the players must be sent in for this.

In the Samsung forum an employee has announced that Samsung “to offer a solution for the Blu-ray players of the HT / BD series with bootloop loop” can. He has a link to a form provided, through which the repair can be initiated. Shipping and rectification are free of charge. Initially, this only applies to Germany and Switzerland. Samsung plans to offer a solution for Austria shortly.

Devices get stuck in a boot loop

The problem with the devices became known about two weeks ago through complaints in the forum of the South Korean group. The Blu-ray players start up, but then hang in a loop. They always reboot and do not respond to any input. Here is a video about this boot loop problem:


According to the Samsung forum, devices from the BD-H and BD-J series and those from the HT-H and HT-J series from 2014 and 2015 are affected. According to the online news offer 4K films The error also occurred with devices of the BD-D, BD-E and BD-P and HT-F series. The oldest of the affected devices are said to date from 2010.

The reason for the malfunction is still not entirely clear. Presumably it is a failed firmware update. It is speculated whether a faulty SSL certificate was the trigger.

Samsung hasn’t released an official statement regarding the problem, but the company will certainly be aware of it. Hopefully, it will offer a fix sooner rather than later—not being able to use their expensive Blu-ray players means lots of unhappy owners. Let’s hope Samsung will be able to push out a solution, rather than requiring the devices to be sent in for repairs.

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