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Bluecode is now supporting the Karlsruher SC in the Wildparkstadion with its value-based and omnichannel-capable solution for mobile payment. As early as the start of the 2021/2022 season, fans and visitors can use the KSC touchpoints in the stadium. In a second step, the new service is also available on digital channels via the mobile KSC app.

With Bluecode, the “KSC App” has a mobile payment function that will initially be offered in merchandising shops. At the start of the season, the stadium kiosks will follow, followed by the ticketing system. Bluecode and the KSC already concluded the cooperation at the beginning of 2020. The background to this was the ongoing project to completely rebuild the Wildpark Stadium. Bluecode was able to contribute its know-how from the projects in the SAP Arena with Adler Mannheim and the Bundesliga clubs 1. FC Köln and FC Augsburg.

Complement mobile payment with value added promotions

“Fan-friendliness and practical implementation are our top priorities. Given the ongoing construction of the new stadium, now is the ideal time for us to take the next step with the payment system. With Bluecode, in addition to the well-known standard payment methods, we are creating an additional option for convenient cashless and digital payments in the Wildpark Stadium. At the same time, we can combine value-added campaigns with the payment process in the future. Our fans also benefit from tailor-made offers, ”says Michael Becker, Managing Director of the KSC.

How the mobile payment solution from Bluecode works

The user activates the payment function of the KSC app and then the KSC ID is linked securely and anonymously to the giro account of the house bank. This activation process can be completed in one minute, depending on your bank details. After positive confirmation in the KSC app, users can pay immediately with Bluecode via the current account. This does not only apply to purchases at points of acceptance at the KSC. The Bluecode-enabled KSC app also works at all other Bluecode acceptance points, for example in other stadiums and arenas such as the SAP Arena Mannheim, at 1. FC Cologne, FC Augsburg and, in the near future, at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. For the payment process, the KSC app creates a blue barcode on the smartphone, because the checkout staff scans in contactlessly.

Mobile payment
Bluecode enables cashless payment via the KSC app in combination with value-added promotions. (Image: Blue Code International AG)

With a scan of the barcode, users can make cashless payments as well as redeem or offset associated added value such as vouchers or discounts. The purchase amount is then simply debited from the user’s current account. Particularly important with regard to hygiene in Covid-19 times: When paying, app users only come into contact with their own smartphone. There is no need to touch a payment terminal with a PIN entry – even for amounts over the contactless payment limit of 50 euros. The KSC app is for Android and Apple iOS available.

Numerous lighthouse projects at Bundesliga clubs

“With the KSC, we can show in another flagship project from the national soccer leagues how Bluecode can be used to keep the value chain around mobile payment in your own club app. When paying with Bluecode, fans and visitors receive a secure mobile checkout experience with attractive added value during the payment process, ”explains Christian Pirkner, CEO of Blue Code International AG.

“The project work with the KSC and their service providers gave Bluecode again practical impulses for optimizing the fan journey and the processes to be digitally orchestrated for the club platform. We look forward to the next milestones with a focus on the Bluecode integration in the online shops, exciting fan campaigns and new fan-centered requirements based on the results of the cooperation, ”Pirkner continued.

contactless payment Bluecode
Christian Pirkner is CEO of Blue Code International AG. (Image: Blue Code International AG)

Bluecode is a provider of a solution for mobile payment that enables cashless payment via smartphone and smartwatch (iOS and Android). In addition, digital value-added services are offered in apps in cooperation with banks, savings banks and retailers. The secure payment method works with every current account based on the European blue code. In addition, Bluecode is compatible with other transmission technologies. (sg)

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