Bluetooth earplugs: Oppos Airpods alternative costs 80 euros

Enco Free and Enco W31 are the names for two new Oppo Bluetooth headphones. The True Wireless In-Ears both have a similar design to Apple's Airpods and hang out of your ear like little mini toothbrushes. Both Oppo earplugs are less expensive than the Apple competition. They are supplied with a charging case in which the plug batteries can be charged and the plugs can be kept safely.

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The Enco W31 are the cheaper Oppo earplugs and, with a special bass mode, are said to be ideal for the consumption of bass-heavy electronic and pop music. In normal balance mode, the bass should not be emphasized so strongly. This mode should be designed for the consumption of classical music or audio books. The plugs support Bluetooth 5.0.

Oppo promises a battery life of 3.5 hours for the earplugs. With the charging case, the plugs should be able to be charged a little more than three times so that the plugs can be used for up to 15 hours in total. If the plug batteries are exhausted, ten minutes of charging should be enough to use the plugs again for 80 minutes. Some competing models create a battery life after 5 minutes of charging. The charging case has a USB-C connection.

Enco Free with volume control on the plugs

The manufacturer did not specify how the Enco-W31 plugs are operated. As with the Enco Free, this is probably done using touch sensors. The manufacturer promises that the volume can be changed using the touch sensors. This should be possible using swipe gestures. The title jump should also be possible from the stopper.

Both Enco Free and Enco W31 are said to be well suited for phone calls by reducing disturbing outside noise and the caller only hearing the voice of the wearer of the plug. The Enco Free also run with Bluetooth 5.0.

Enco W31 (Image: Oppo)

The Enco Free should deliver a battery life of 5 hours and the plugs should be charged up to four times in the charging case. This gives a total battery life of 25 hours. The supplied charging case has a USB-C connection.

Oppos Bluetooth plugs are expected to come in late May

Oppo plans to sell the Enco W31 in black and white at a price of 80 euros. The Enco Free Black and white are also available for 130 euros. So far, only the Enco Free is listed on the Oppo homepage. The manufacturer has promised immediate availability in press releases, but the Bluetooth earplugs are currently not available for purchase in stores or on the Oppo website.

At Amazon both Enco W31 as well as the Enco Free can be pre-ordered, but a delivery date is not given. When asked by, Oppo announced that the two earplugs will not be available in Germany until the end of May 2020.

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