BMW i Hydrogen Next – Specifications


Along with electrical vehicles, one of the new vehicles we have started to see in the last few years is hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. BMW, one of the strong competitors in the automobile market, does not want to leave this space, which can rival internal combustion engines. The company has now introduced its first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Automakers have begun to move towards engines that don't work with fossil fuels and have no carbon emissions. Electric vehicles quickly entered our lives. Apart from electric vehicles, another environmentally friendly technology that comes into our lives is hydrogen fuel cell vehicles It was. Toyota plays a pioneering role in the development and production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Introduced in 2014 Toyota Mirai works with hydrogen fuel cells.

Now BMW is returning to the competition with hydrogen cell vehicles. With the support of Toyota, the company i Hydrogen Next developed. Fuel cells of Hydrogen Next, powered by hydrogen, can produce 375 hp. This fuel cell of the vehicle provides 125kW of electrical energy. In addition, the vehicle has a “top battery” that can be used when it needs additional power. With this battery, a total of 275 kW electricity is provided in the system.

BWM i Hydrogen Next

The 700 bar pressure tank of BMW's hydrogen cell vehicle has 6kg of compressed hydrogen capacity. With this tank capacity, if BMW burns the same fuel efficiency as Toyota Mirai, the vehicle will be 750 km We can say that he can go the way.

No need to be excited about Hdyrogen Next. In a statement from BMW hydrogen-powered BMWs It was said that they needed a longer time to confront the drivers. At the same time, the infrastructure is not yet ready for the use of hydrogen vehicles. For this reason, BMW is planning to continue with internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles for a while.

BWM i Hydrogen Next

BMW, in 2022, to test Hydrogen Next, which it developed, limited edition It will produce. The company will start producing i Hydrogen Next for sale this time in 2025 if the market conditions are suitable and there is sufficient demand for the vehicle. So the production of i Hydrogen Next depends on many conditions. If the conditions are not suitable, you can hydrogen powered vehicles we may not see while producing.

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