Boeing 737 Max Approved to Fly in Europe


Boeing 737 Max, which has been involved in 2 accidents in the past years, was given a flight permission in Europe after the improvements. EASA had asked Boeing to fulfill 4 criteria in this process.

Having been found to have a chronic problem after the plane crashes that have happened consecutively in the past years, Boeing 737 Max‘s are getting ready to start flying again after long studies. The passenger plane, which managed to obtain approval in the USA in the past months, is now from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) managed to get approval.

Boeing 737 Max, which we have not seen in the sky for almost 2 years, had damaged. The Boeing 737 Max, whose problems were resolved in this process and, which was said to be one of the most reliable aircraft in the world because of such emphasis, managed to get approval from Europe after EASA’s checks.

Boeing 737 Max

4 criteria met

For Boeing 737 Max’s to take to the sky again BoeingEASA, which asked Turkey to fulfill 4 criteria, gave the approval after this long period. The criteria requested by EASA and successfully implemented by Boeing are as follows:

  • Both accidents involving the Boeing 737 Max proved to be enough.
  • Design changes made by Boeing have been confirmed. These changes were required to be integrated into all aircraft.
  • Design review conducted independently by EASA has been completed.
  • Boeing 737 Max crews were properly trained.

Boeing 737 Max

EASA President made a statement on the subject Patrick KyHe said that, after extensive analysis, they decided that the 737 Max could return to service. Underlining that there was no political or economic pressure in the decision, Ky said that they carried out the necessary tests directly without any intermediary institution.


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737 Max flights may be disrupted due to COVID-19 pandemic

Stating that they will continue their controls after the Boeing 737 Max begins to fly, EASA said that the 737 Maxs restarted flights due to the coronavirus it might take time stated.