Boeing 737 Max: Problems with the power supply – manufacturer recommends testing


The aircraft manufacturer Boeing recommends its customers to subject some models of the 737 MAX to an inspection before further use. In the case of a certain group of aircraft, there could be mass problems in a component of the electrical energy system. Boeing recommended 16 airlines to check the affected model series to determine whether there is sufficient mass for the affected component before the aircraft are used again.

The company works closely with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the USA and gives instructions on appropriate corrective measures, such as the company explains on its website. The US airlines American Airlines with 17 of its 737 MAX planes and Southwest Airlines with 30 of its 58 jets of the problem plane are affected, reports the daily News.

After the 737 MAX aircraft were banned from flying for almost two years due to faulty control software, the crisis jets have only recently started operating again. The flight ban was imposed in early 2019 after two crashes in which 346 people died. Most recently, there were allegations that the FAA was overwhelmed with the approval of the Boeing 737 MAX.


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