Boeing to Pay $ 2.5 Billion in Compensation


Following the consecutive plane crashes in 2018 and 2019, Boeing was sued for compensation for the 737 Max model aircraft, Boeing denied the accusations and tried to escape punishment. The aircraft company has recently been fined for $ 2.5 billion in damages by confessing its guilt.

In October 2018, an airplane belonging to Lion Air Flight crashed in Indonesia. 181 people He had lost his life. Immediately 6 months after this accident, an accident of the same type happened in Ethiopia and 157 people it cost him his life. Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft were used in both accidents.

Relatives of those who died after two consecutive accidents, many institutions and the USA, He filed a criminal complaint for Boeing had been found. Boeing against charges faced resort to a lie and he had tried to avoid large-scale damages.

“Boeing preferred to be profitable rather than outspoken”

boeing 737 max

Boeing, who told many lies and denied the accusations about engineering errors in the aircraft’s mechanics, eventually asked the government that you lied to escape punishment Confessed. After the confession, the US government 2.5 billion dollars in compensation he decided. The charges against the company will be dropped completely after the compensation is paid.

Boeing only to this institution on the grounds that it deceived the Ministry of Justice, 243 million dollars will have to pay. David Burns, deputy assistant attorney attorney at the US Department of Justice, spoke the following about the firm’s deception; “Boeing employees preferred to take the ground rather than being outspoken, trying to cover up the technical malfunctions of the 737 MAX aircraft.”


Relatives of those killed in the accident in Indonesia and Ethiopia 500 million dollars a fund has been set aside. If the compensation is shared equally, each relative will be paid approximately $ 1.4 million. Boeing also purchased the 737 MAX and later suffered $ 1.7 billion in total for both airline companies will pay.


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Boeing Chairman David Calhoun said in a statement to his employees; “I believe that making this decision is the right thing for us. By taking this step, we show that we cannot meet our values ​​and expectations. “With this decision, we understand once again how important it is to be transparent in the face of justice, and we are heavily experiencing how the company can face a difficult burden if we continue to not meet our expectations.”

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