BOE’s OLED Screens Didn’t Pass Samsung’s Quality Test


Samsung turned to the displays produced by BOE to cut costs in the next generation flagship Galaxy S21 series. However, according to the information, the quality of BOE’s OLED panels could not affect Samsung.

On Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series phones, instead of the displays produced by Samsung Display, the Chinese technology company BOE OLED screens spoken to use. But apparently, Samsung’s move to cut costs didn’t end up as expected.

In new news from South Korea, Samsung’s panels produced by BOE quality test It was reported that he could not pass. Screen panels are usually applied to phones after passing the quality test and mass production test. Although the screens produced by BOE are fitted to standards while they are still in the quality test phase, it is stated that the panel still has time to improve and pass the test.

BOE’s OLED displays failed to meet Samsung’s quality standards

samsung galaxy s21, boe screen

Ross Young, CEO of DSCC, who is a display supply chain consultant, is also the Samsung of BOE and the screen manufacturer China Star’s panels. not affect The report says. This means that Samsung may have to reject other alternatives to its own Samsung Display.


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Samsung Display is currently considered the largest OLED display maker. The screens produced by the company are used on the phones of giants such as Apple and OnePlus as well as Samsung. So BOE, cheaper Even if it offers prices, Samsung will not want to lag behind its competitors by sacrificing quality. It should be noted, however, that BOE is an important manufacturer working with brands such as Huawei and Oppo.

Samsung’s partial orientation towards the BOE in the Galaxy S21 shows that it aims to reduce production costs on the new generation phones. Samsung, on the other hand, forces Samsung Display to lower panel prices.