Boğaziçi Defense Industry Summit on January 9-10

Organized by Boğaziçi University Engineering Club (ENSO), “Boğaziçi Defense Industry Summit” will be held online on January 9-10.

The second will be held this year Boğaziçi Defense Industry Summitaims to help students approach their career plans from a different perspective by bringing together the leading companies of the defense industry and business people and university students, while also discussing the latest developments and job opportunities in the defense industry.

The event, which will be held with a population of approximately 300 people, will be held online this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. During the event, companies promoted and from the defense industry sector The presentations he mentioned will also be made.

defense industry summit

Find answers to many questions about the Defense Industry sector and 9-10 January You can access the tickets of the Bosphorus Defense Industry Summit to be held on dates by clicking here. Also, for more information about the event You can visit the website