Boğaziçi Game Jam will be held on 4-6 June


At a time when Game Jam culture is spreading in Turkey, Boğaziçi University Informatics Club will organize Boğaziçi Game Jam, the first of which will be held this year. The first three names selected by the jury at the event will win a total of 10,000 TL.

Boğaziçi University Informatics Club (Compec) is organizing a fun and award-winning event open to anyone who wants to test themselves in game development. This year will be the first Bogazici Game JamIt will continue for a total of 48 hours between 4-6 June. Your goal in the event will be to develop a game.

A theme will be given to the participants at Boğaziçi Game Jam, which will have an important place in bringing the worldwide Game Jam culture to Turkey. Participants, according to the given theme will develop games individually or with their own teams. When the event is over, the juries will vote and the teams or individuals who developed the selected game will receive the determined awards.

Details of the event:

Bosphorus Game Jam

Boğaziçi Game Jam, whose registration continues until June 3, will be held on the ‘Bogazici Game Jam 2021’ Discord channel. Those who do not want to compete in the event individually will be able to set up a team on the Discord channel. During the event Developers of In Silence important names of the gaming world, such as

Famous publishers Can Sungur and PintiPanda (Tuna Akşen), Lorem Ipsum, Ekinsu Turunç, Güven Çatak and Arzu Çelik were the judges of the event. 5.000 TL, to the second 3.000 TL and to the third 2.000 TL A total of 10,000 TL prize will be distributed. For more information about the event to this link You can click to register for the event. from this link you can benefit.