Böllerwurf in the mall: Youtuber sentenced


After a Böllerwurf in a shopping center in Dortmund, which triggered a mass panic shortly before Christmas, the mastermind and a helper have been convicted. A 17-year-old Wolfsburg, who wanted a video of the action for his Youtube channel, received a probationary period of two years, as the District Court Wolfsburg announced on Friday. He also received two weeks of permanent detention and 120 hours of work. For a 18-year-old from the Helmstedt district, four days of short-term detention and 80 hours of community service were imposed. He had filmed the action first.

The two should have incited other young people to ignite in the shopping center a so-called Polenböller. People escaped in panic, some also suffered blatant traumas, shocks or injured in a hurry to leave the shops. According to the court, both adolescents had confessed, shown themselves to be reasonable and remorseful and apologized on several occasions. The 17-year-old was convicted of serious assault and disturbance of public peace, the 18-year-old for aiding and abetting.

The Youtuber has his role model function, which he has in the opinion of the court with about 350,000 followers, want to use for a financial benefit, it said in the verdict. Since he has sufficient income through his Youtube channel, he should bear the educational costs for educational reasons. There should not be more money, because there are still numerous claims for damages and compensation for pain.

The co-defendant 18 -year-old was in the opinion of the court only helping. After the panic broke out, he stopped filming and received no money. His verdict is final, which against the 17-year-old Youtuber, however, not.

After the misguided joke for the Youtube video in December, investigators had quickly arrested several suspects. In mid-July, the public prosecutor's office in Dortmund, according to a spokeswoman accused ten young people for dangerous bodily injury. When the cases are negotiated, but is still unclear.


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