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Another focus of the company is on communication about sustainable materials and production via its various touchpoints in order to sensitize and inspire its customers for sustainable fashion.

With its ambitious CR strategy, had a “positive choice” Bonprix published far-reaching sustainability goals in May of this year and has implemented a number of important measures since then. By 2030, the company wants to offer only sustainable products from a supply chain that is completely transparent up to fiber production. In addition, the company will then work in a climate-neutral manner.

“Our central goals by 2030 can only be achieved because we as a brand have decided that sustainability is part of our brand essence. We are setting an important milestone on the way there with the current autumn / winter collection and, under the motto “One step better – because every step counts”, we would like to invite our customers to walk with us bit by bit, ”explains Stefanie Sumfleth, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Technical Product at Bonprix.

Sustainable materials in the autumn / winter collection

For the current autumn / winter styles, Bonprix mainly used sustainable materials. One focus is on recycled materials such as recycled cotton and recycled polyester. But also certified organic cotton, Cotton made in Africa certified cotton and sustainable viscose fibers from wood from certified sources are used. Because these fibers are produced in a much more climate-friendly way than conventional fibers, over 40 percent of the CO2 emissions at raw material level could be saved. In 2022 Bonprix will also expand its range of sustainable styles that are labeled as “Sustainable Product”.

Sustainable materials
Image: Bonprix

Advances in recyclability, shipping and packaging

In addition to using sustainable fibers, Bonprix is ​​working to make its products more durable and easier to recycle. Because the company is convinced that circularity, i.e. a circular economy, is the key to an environmentally friendly and resource-saving fashion industry. To this end, Bonprix develops its own circular design principles in order to design products from the outset in such a way that they are optimized for the cycle and can be recycled. The first Cradle-to-Cradle Certified ™ products have already been presented and their component in the range is to be continuously expanded.

Customers can experience and understand sustainable fashion

The path to more sustainability can only succeed together with the customers, which is why the company places a special focus on sustainability communication across all touchpoints. A sustainability week in the Bonprix store in downtown Hamburg is intended to give customers and interested parties a live insight into what constitutes sustainable fashion: From October 18 to 22, 2021, the sustainable autumn / winter collection will be presented there in a special atmosphere. Interesting facts about sustainable materials and sustainability goals put the collection on site in the context of Bonprix’s CR strategy.

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