Bookmark Drawn by Vincent van Gogh Discovered

How special can a bookmark be? If it was drawn by Vincent van Gogh exactly 140 years ago, it might be a little(!) more special than a standard bookmark. The bookends on display at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam show what gifts the world-famous painter sent to his friends.

19th century Dutch painter Vincent van GoghHe is considered one of the most important names in the history of art with his unique style and unique works. Newly revealed van Gogh works reveal that the world-famous painter may have left more legacy than we thought.

Designed as a gift by Vincent van Gogh, known as a good ‘reader’ bookmarks appeared. Currently in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands Van Gogh MuseumThe bookmarks, which are on display in . and will be presented to visitors at the Here to Stay exhibition until September 12, reveal that van Gogh did not need large paintings to show his art.

van gogh bookmark details

The sketches in question, drawn in pencil, were found among the pages of a novel about peasants. Regarding the drawings in question, researcher Teio Meedendorp said, “It fits perfectly in the book it is in, unless there is a special reason, it is in this compatibility. three sketches it would be an interesting choice to draw‘ he said.

van gogh bookmark

According to the shared information, the drawings in question 1881 It was printed by Vincent van Gogh in Etten-Leur, France, and was sent to his friend in 1883 as a bookmark between his book Histoire d’un Paysan. The book in question was published in 2019 by the family that owns the work. sold to museum.

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