‘Boycott’ Launched for Yemeksepeti: Here are the details

The Consumer Union Federation claimed that Yemeksepeti management had taken some initiatives to prevent unionization of employees. While Yemeksepeti didn’t make a statement on the subject, “# Yemeksepetiboykot” posts began to be made on social media.

One of Turkey’s most popular food ordering platforms Food basketis on the agenda with a remarkable event. Allegedly, the platform carried out some work to prevent its employees from unionizing. While the company did not make a statement on the subject, social media said, “#yemeksepetiboykotIt’s overflowing with posts tagged “.

The source of the allegations about Yemeksepeti, Consumer Union Federation Mehmet Bulent Deniz, Chairman of the Board. The Consumer Union Federation, which held a demonstration with a group of employees and some unions, claims that the company changed the workplace code to prevent unionization, shifted employees to different workplaces and even went on the path of dismissal. Around 2,000 Yemeksepeti employees were directly affected by this situation, and a total of 6,000 people unionization is sought to be prevented. is expressed.

No communication could be established between Yemeksepeti and Consumer Union Federation

Food basket

In the statements made by Mehmet Bülent Deniz; “By the officials of Nakliyat-İş Union; It is stated that about 2000 transport workers working in the aforementioned company are union members, but the company’s union organization hinder For the purpose of changing the workplace code, a large number of workers were transferred to new workplaces established at the same addresses in a fake way, the workers who carried out union organization activities were fired, the workplace code was changed with illegal transactions, especially in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya, Eskişehir, Konya. at about around six thousand It has been informed that the democratic rights of the workers are wanted to be taken away from them.” statements were given. Deniz, “The union right of the invisible heroes of the epidemic period cannot be blocked.‘ he said harshly to Yemeksepeti.

The claims made by the Consumer Union Federation are not limited to these. The Federation, in connection with Yemeksepeti, wanted to meet however, he states that this request was ignored. That’s why the officials, who stated that they started a boycott against the company, said that Yemeksepeti would remain open until the negative attitude of Yemeksepeti ended. not to use they wanted.

Yemeksepeti is currently a explanation didn’t. However, when this statement comes, we will continue to inform you…